RAM Medical and Veterinary Teams

This group is ready and willing to provide aid where needed in rural Alaska but is having trouble receiving permission to visit from the state government.
If you have suggestions or contacts who can help, please let us know!
Dear Ms Strongheart:         

REMOTE AREA MEDICAL® RAM is a charitable organization located in Knoxville, Tennessee.  RAM provides totally free medical and veterinary care during special events lasting from a few days to two weeks in areas of great need here in America and overseas.  Our services include dentistry (extracting bad teeth and doing fillings), vision care with free eye glasses, general medical services; and Women’s Health special services such as PAP smear tests, colposcopy and LEEP procedures that can diagnose and treat early signs of cervical cancer.  Our veterinary volunteers can also provide treatment for animals both large and small.

We have had several requests for our free services from people inAlaska.  RAM is willing to travel to Alaska to provide these services but the problem that we run into is that the State of Alaska medical authorities will not allow us to bring doctors licensed in the lower 49 states to help in Alaska unless they possess an Alaska medical license.

If you need our help and believe you could obtain permission from Alaska authorities to enable our volunteers to provide these totally free services for your people then we would be most interested to see what we can do to  be of assistance.

For more information about our services please look at our website atwww.ramusa.org
If you look at the Home Page of our website you will see a LINK to the CBS NEWS television program “60 MINUTES” where you can watch a news report about our services.  I hope that we might be able to help the people of Nunam Iqua.

Stan Brock
Volunteer  Director of Operations RAM









2 Responses to “RAM Medical and Veterinary Teams”

  1. lgardener Says:

    I think that VISTA, the locum tenens staffing agency may be able to help.


    I sent this to Stan Brock as well.

  2. Secret TalkerΔ Says:

    Thanks Heart burn and l gardener!

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