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*BRIAN the Mudflats MOOSE:  please skip over this section!!*

Moose hunting is open in September for about one month and again in December for about a month.  In the fall we go moose hunting by boat and in the winter via snow machine.

There are many ways that we prepare and eat moose including, dried/smoked, in soup, baked, fried, and roasted over a fire.  I have discovered that if you marinate it (my favorite is teriyaki) that you can completely eliminate the gamey taste.

2 Responses to “Moose”

  1. ugavic Says:

    I want to see some of those recipes you talk about – moose chili:-))
    Can’t wait!

  2. ugavic Says:

    Do you make moose curry? I did not too long ago – why I waited as I use to do it all the time with beef. Anyway is different for a stew. I get to use all my so-so carrots and potatoes in it.
    Let me know if it sounds good and I will give you the recipe:-)) I do cheat sometime and use the blocks of seasons they sell if I am tired.

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