Racing to be ready for the new season


A message from Victoria:

Airplanes Are Due!

A few times a day recently, I have been getting updates on the guides, lodges and other pilots due to arrive for the ‘season’ which is just around the corner now. This is the season of work, vacations, and adventures for some, and fresh, new bear prints on the beach! Newly sprouting grass and waking bears are both showing up about two weeks earlier than usual this spring.

We are scrambling to overcome setbacks — some small, some not so small. Fuel needs to be hauled; pumps need new belts and filters. Fuel farm tanks still need preparations before the fuel barge shows up at our beachfront in about three weeks. The airstrip that serves the refueling site needs more compacting improvements; we are waiting for a few good rain showers to cut the dust that is already a problem, so early this spring.


A host of small and large tasks await us as we work through a long list of items, but the days don’t stop, and the timelines keep creeping up.

We will update as we can. Feel free to post questions.

(A GoFundMe page was set up to try to help Vic cover some of her critical financial losses following the death of her husband/partner.  Please read more at  and please donate to help her, if you can.  Any amount relieves some of her burdens to move forward and make a difference in re-fueling rural Alaska.)

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