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Hope On The Tundra!

May 19, 2011

Shortly after getting up  this morning and right before our spring sun peaked up over the mountains an email landed in my ‘in’ box that many have been waiting for.

The beauty product company, Arxotica ,  started by three sisters, triplets, from the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta of Alaska has announced they are open for business!! 

Their on-line ‘store’ is open for business with their first product being offered, an anti-aging skin serum. The product is ‘high-end’ BUT not as expensive as many you have seen advertised both on TV and in magazines. If the beauty of our Alaska Native neighbor’s skin is any indication they are using some very powerful ingredients. The serum contains extract from berries with more anti-oxidants than the might Blueberry, Omega-3 virgin salmon oil and Alaskan glacier water. The product is coming in sizes that should be a three to five month supply which actually makes it very reasonable if you are using any beauty products.

There is a limited time sample offer that is going for $20.00 while supplies last.

More products are coming; a lotion, head& body wash, soaps  and other goodies.


One of the more exciting parts, at least to many of us here in Alaska, is that this is a company that is based in a village, can be supplied from products available in village areas and ultimately can hopefully be fully manufactured in Western Alaska villages.

This is the type of company the Alaska Marketplace, a competition sponsored by the Alaska Federation of Natives, is trying to help get started. The Sparck sisters competed in 2006 and 2008 wining assistance and seed money. Follow their story on Facebook or in the vast variety of articles that have been written about them.

 Please give a visit to their site, read about the new product, Quyunglii, pronounced kai-oong-lee, meaning “The Potent One” and IF you are quick enough get in on the limited time offer!!