Flat rate box power!

We’ve now seen the power of flat rate boxes. Hundreds of pounds of food, toilet paper and diapers are arriving in Nunam Iqua, Ugashik and Pilot Point!

Can we make this a two-way street?

Here’s my idea but please jump in and share yours – be creative! Let’s throw it all against the wall and see what sticks!

Ann and Victoria have mentioned picking berries in the summer to dry for the winter months. Imagine the possibilities here!

After gathering enough berries to last the winter, why not gather more to sell? These completely organic berries could be dried, packed in flat rate boxes and shipped to partners in the lower 48 who could add value using them in organic cookies and muffins. An organic food producer, creating a market for Western Alaskan berries, could offer a unique product and foster good will by educating consumers about the story behind the berries.

Next step – jams and preserves…

That’s my idea, please share yours! — Jane

4 Responses to “Flat rate box power!”

  1. alaskantiger Says:

    I’m wondering if we couldn’t get a booth at the ‘Saturday’ market (which is now Saturday and Sunday) in Anchorage and fly the berries in for the tourists to buy and take home with them.

    Or if we can’t get a vendor booth at this late notice (I just read the vendor info on the market and it looks like you had to have 50% of a deposit in by Feb 13th for a booth), maybe we could get a current vendor to share part of their booth for a small fee? If we can get some folks in Anchorage to donate their time (I’d be willing to help), they could sell them and send checks for the profit back. We could even set up doing it for just say 8 weeks (I’m assuming the berry season wouldn’t start until mid-late summer) and that would require less folks to volunteer to help, say four people, one Saturday a month- not too difficult.

    Anyone know a vendor that already has a booth? I know one person that I can ask and they might know more. Also, might want to look into getting the ‘Alaska Grown’ certification dealio.

  2. CO almost native Says:

    If the villagers want to can berries or make jams- can we send the other ingredients they need? Sugar, pectin, canning jars…what else? Let us know, and the timing of what they need- maybe we can order glass jelly jars from Bush, and have them sent…

  3. Michigander Says:

    On my way out here’s a quick thought – I read earlier today somewhere on here that Ann and Victoria both do beadwork. What about the villages selling beadwork etc. through here or even ebay? Will check back later

  4. Jim Says:

    I don’t know if this is the best place to post this, but rural Alaska postage costs keep going up:


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