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  1. Dr. Patois Says:

    Here is a link to Alaska Gardening Guide published in 2001. It is written by Ann Roberts and is available on Amazon.

  2. Dr. Patois Says:

    Here is a list of recommended vegetable varieties for interior Alaska. I realize the zone may be different but I would think it pretty close.

  3. Dr. Patois Says:

    Here is another resource for gardening in Alaska. Haines Alaska Vegetable Gardening. I am sending multiple posts so all of the links don’t bounce me back.

  4. Dr. Patois Says:

    I hope that Victoria gets to make it to Anchorage for the class. I would think she should try to stay for the 2nd conference on the Gourmet Market/Packaging your product. I would think that conference would be helpful for the fishing industry and their idea about the berries. It might even spark other ideas. Would an online gift basket business be feasible? Salmon and berries and native crafts for holiday gifts! I was also thinking that the villages might come up with a “logo” that can be used for all Alaska Native Village products that would let consumers know for certain they are purchasing an authentic product. Kind of like organic food being certified organic or fair trade coffees etc.

    Anyway, here is the link to the Alaska Cooperative Extension

  5. Dr. Patois Says:

    Here is a link with some information about the Alaska Master Gardeners Association:

  6. Dr. Patois Says:

    A link to gardening information in Haines, Alaska

  7. Dr. Patois Says:

    The ADN gardening blog:

  8. Dr. Patois Says:

    Here is the link for Alaska Grown which I think would provide some useful resources.

  9. Dr. Patois Says:

    Here is a pdf for green house gardening in Alaska

    Click to access ABM-00642.pdf

  10. Dr. Patois Says:

    I am not sure if this is the thread I should post this on but here goes. I don’t like to tell people what to do so please take this only as an idea/suggestion from someone who does not reside in the area and knows almost nothing about the regions or culture.

    If the Villages are open to the idea of outside help (and I understand if they are not) would it be a good idea to come up with an agricultural project plan to present to all of the Alaska agricultural resources? The University of Alaska Fairbanks has an agricultural department and they have a relationship with the Alaska Cooperative Extension. The ACE has a Master Gardener program. On the University website the agricultural dept. lists research projects that the faculty is interested in. There is the Outdoor Leadership School in Palmer which has an incredible garden. You could even appeal to other University Dept. if necessary, perhaps the engineering dept. It seems to me that you might be able to come up with a project that could be beneficial to all parties involved. You get your project completed, they get their degree/certification/experience/research etc.

    Perhaps it could be set up to begin in one Village with the commitment that the knowledge from the project and assistance will be passed on to another Village until all have benefited from the initial project.

    Anyway, just a very brief outline of a thought. I hope it is helpful. Here is the UAF website

  11. Alaska Pi ∆ Says:

    Dr Patois-
    Thank you for resource links!
    I see one more from you in our spam filter , which might be useful, but as I have not passed our admin-how-to-it-without-losing-everything exam I have let our Chief Anony B know it’s there…
    Thanks again!

  12. anonymousbloggers Says:

    WOW Pi,

    I’m impressed!

    That did cheap dr*g comments.


  13. UgaVic Says:

    I seem to be saying that a lot.
    Will read and catch up tomorrow – am beat tonight – but looks like lots of goodies to investigate.

  14. ProgressiveLefty Says:

    Gar Alperovitz is a polical economist and historian who has a great review of the cooperative movements. Take a look at his page, especially his article!%20Magazine%20-%207%20Cool%20Companies.pdf

    There is a lot of good info on what you are trying to do.

  15. the problem child Says:

    MacKenzie Seed Co. is a Canadian seed company with a forum. If you are looking to broaden your search for cold weather gardening tips, they have a gardener’s forum.

  16. Nhrtuvdxi Says:

    hopefully this is the right place for this. It’s also on a recent entry.

    I hope there’s help for you in these links. I read your garden journal of last year re: composting and I gathered the “stuff” below from files and bookmaks and then found this site. This does some explaining for the methods below. I haven’t explored beyond this page but will and might “sign up”….link for info in lower left column.

    Seed info and much more.
    Effective microorganisms..make your own fertilizer 51fdf4f013ad#12e1dd99-f263-46b9-8b83-4de2f0d848ec

    the cheap easy fertilizer I’ll try this year. I’ll add more E.M. from the instructions in the link above.

    this site makes “living soil” make sense. you can get to the other chapters from here.

    Instructions for using E.M……I’ll use these instructs. but cultivate my e.m.

    another method w/good photos

    Click to access BIO-9.pdf


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