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While this blog was started as a clearinghouse for getting food to Ann in Nunam Iqua quickly, and later expanded to include Vic in Ugashek, we have learned many things about our neighbors. 

One interesting tidbit came from a commenter who works in a knit shop wondering if yarn would be useful.

Ann and Victoria jumped in and said everybody knits and crochets. They also do beadwork, make jewelry and carve the ivory that washes up on their shores.

We started tossing around the idea of marketing Native arts and handicrafts to enhance the income of the artisians. 

Shrinkinggranny has kicked the thread off with a comment about natural material used in Native crafts.

This thread is for discussion about the tools and supplies necessary in producing Native Art. It’s possible a simple tool or an order of beads might be all it takes to start a cottage industry. 

We have a thread for marketing ideas so try to keep this thread focused on “art supplies & tools.” 


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  1. shrinkinggranny Says:

    Here’s some info that’s critical to artisans:

    “Alaska Native artists who use traditional art materials in their handicrafts got some help decoding wildlife and migratory bird laws at a recent summit held in Anchorage.”

    Good grief, there are so many regulations! Some things you can use, but only if specific conditions are met. Some things can be used but only if they have a “tag” – different kinds of ivory, for one. Other things you can’t use at all – eagle feathers can’t be used in things to sell, use turkey feathers instead. Besides, you gotta have special permission even to keep a “found” eagle feather!

    And if a freakin’ bird crosses international boundaries in its migrations (i.e. USA-Canada-USA), there are special rules for them, too.

    Check the article; TONS of info there.

    I don’t know if this should be posted on another thread or not; feel free to move as desired

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