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  1. InterestedPerson Says:

    I don’t know how to cut and paste on a blog, so will repeat two
    references about money.= from the ‘going forward ‘section.

    Network for Good will accept donations via Paypal, credit cards for
    IRS qualified charities.
    Bering Strait Assoc. , Cook Inlet Tribal Council and Artic Slope something
    are among the groups listed already.
    Network for Good takes 4.75% of the donation for operating and credit card expenses.

    I think there is another similar service called Global Giving, which I will

    Second possibility long range is the Grameen Bank for micro loans.
    PROf, Muhammed Yunis started this in Bangledesh, mostly for women,
    lending small amounts of money to entrepeneurs. They then fomed support groups to help each other. the payback rate is 96 or 97 %

    The system is now widely used, and just started in Brooklyn NY, with plans to expand. It sounds like the bankers are really invested in the success of the businesses and do lots of teaching about the money aspect.

    Grameen Bank has it own web site. Also Whole Foods has
    WholePlanet Foundation on their web site, which functions in the same way for ‘communities that produce the products we sell.’
    I know they sell several kinds of AK salmon, so this fishing coommunityieswould qualify. I tried to talk to the marketing director here in MIlwaukee, but she is beseiged with requests for here, and
    referred me to the Pacific Northwest stores for items.
    The foundation is on the website.

    This would not be a big answer, but a piece of the future in small parts.
    For example, in reading about the qivuik knitters, it sounded to me as though a little more capital would help, in that in letters from the knitters on the website sounded as though the cash flow was very tight. So with a few hundred more dollars, each knitter could keep supplied.

    There is also a system that I heard about where individuals can make
    micro loans directly to the entepreur.
    Which I would be glad to check out if whoever is coordinating this aspect
    would like me to.
    I have just asked two friends with fiancial experience to see if they could offer thier expertise, but so far no anwer.

    Please excuse the typing…its after midnight and my dyslexic fingers are about done for.
    I truly hope some of this could be useful.

  2. shrinkinggranny Says:

    kiva.org is one of those that lend directly to the entepreneur:

    I don’t know if it includes any portion of the USA or not. (Mexico, Dominican Republic, yes – USA, haven’t found the info on the site – so far)

  3. shrinkinggranny Says:

    I just put in a search for “gov grants” at google… holy cats!

    http://www.grants.gov “Find. Apply. Succeed. Grants.gov is your source to FIND and APPLY for federal government grants. ”

    Also: “Today, Grants.gov is a central storehouse for information on over 1,000 grant programs and provides access to approximately $500 billion in annual awards. ”

    Surely there’s *something* on that website that would or could apply here!

  4. Another Interested Person Says:

    You might try this group:


    They recently launched efforts in the US. I have sponsored two folks overseas and the service seems respectable. See Nicholas Kristof


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