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After learning that emergency healthcare interventions are not a healthcare solution, as  welcome as they are, I have been on a journey to learn more about traditional healthcare among the indigenous folks in rural Alaska. I have reviewed articles and learned a bit more about the healthy aspects of the subsistence life.

inuitdiet-seal3The Inuit Paradox: How can people who gorge on fat and rarely see a vegetable be healthier than we are?
by Patricia Gadsby

Patricia Cochran, an Inupiat from
Northwestern Alaska, is talking about the native foods of her childhood: “We pretty much had a subsistence way of life. Our food supply was right outside our front door. We did our hunting and foraging on the Seward Peninsula and along the Bering Sea.
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I have been exploring the traditional art.

inuamsk2Agayuliyararput: Our way of making prayer
By Ann Fienup Riordan
In January 1996, fifty Yup’ik masks were flown to Toksook Bay, a community of 500 on the edge of the Bering Sea. While museum curators installed the masks in cases in the village high school, 40 planes touched down on the runway, delivering 500 guests in a single day. More than one thousand men, women, and children had come to Toksook to dance, give thanks, and celebrate.
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I have been learning about the spirituality of the natural world.

mask122According to the worldview of the Yupik Eskimo, human and nonhuman persons shared a number of characteristics. First and foremost, the perishable flesh of both humans and animals belied the immortality of their souls (“yuas”). All living things participated in an endless cycle of birth and rebirth of which the souls of animals and men were a part, contingent on the right thought and action by others as well as self.
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I have found that there is a great  respect for the individual- from the child to the elder who comprise the community.

Every Yup’ik Is Responsible To All Other Yup’iks For Survival Of Our Cultural Spirit, And The Values And Traditions Through Which It Survives. Through Our Extended Family, We Retain, Teach, and Live Our Yup’ik Way.With Guidance and Support from Elders We must Teach our Children Yup’ik Values:
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We are so fortunate that we still have among us gifted traditional healers who are making inroads within standard health practices because holistic methods are in greater favor today.

Traditional healers:

Kimberly Corral has a wonderful website that explains much about Alaska Native Traditional healing.
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Grandmother Rita Pitka Blumenstein is a Yupik Elder and the first certified traditional doctor in Alaska. She is also an artist, a teacher, speaker and storyteller.
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Lisa Dolchok is the Elder Program Coordinator for the Southcentral Foundation, a nonprofit organization that runs outreach programs for Anchorage-area Natives.
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These women are living links to the culture of rural Alaska and models for using traditional culture in the changing world for the benefit of the indigenous people of Alaska.

It is not true that these arctic people are survivors of the Ice Age. Always, these people have had communication with the groups of people living to the south; and they have shared and incorporated progressive ideas of farming, hunting, and living conditions. We seek to continue in that path at anonymousbloggers . Please enjoy the links and the journey!  As always comments, opinions and stories are most appreciated.

All the best,
Secret Talker^

17 Responses to “Secret Talker’s Page”

  1. Alaska Pi Δ Says:


    Try contacting these folks. They facilitate inter- agency, etc. work- maybe they will have ideas.

  2. AnnΔ Says:

    Thanks Alaska PI, I will bring the link to the attention of Stan Brock at RAM because I plan to meet him in person next week.I will report here on this meeting. AnnΔ

  3. AnnΔ Says:

    Alaska Pi, It is easy to understand that it is not good form to bypass elders. I appreciate enormously that you have called this to my attention.I will work on it.

  4. mpb Says:

    Samaritan’s Purse have an established relationship with some of the Alaska Native Villages in the Wade Hampton Census Area –

  5. Alaska Pi Δ Says:

    AnnΔ- Please follow up mpb’s post… coolio. Thanks for stopping by mpb.

  6. AnnΔ Says:

    I wrote an email to Samaritan’s Purse to learn more about their relationship! It is so terrific that they found us!WOW! & off topic- I am doing well at the horse show!

  7. Alaska Pi Δ Says:

    Oh – nifty on the horse show!

  8. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    @ Ann Pie Wedge (I don’t know how to type that thingie)

    When I first read Ann S’s Shopping Trip story, I immediately imagined a classroom and teacher who were planning and acting out all the actions to go on the Shopping Trip. If I were a teacher, you betcha, I’d do a little play!

  9. AnnΔ Says:

    I spoke today with Stan Brock. He has studied the map, knows where Nunam Iqua is(isolated) and knows that the airfield is in Emmonack.He has been to this area -a bison preserve(?) when he was with Wild Kingdom.The main issue is clearance from the Alaska State Government.He has been in touch with Ann. I think that perhaps we should link him to Mr. Hunter in Emmonack. I think that perhaps we could share this info. on Mudflats,also. Perhaps we could find a lawyer there who would do some pro bono work to help with the waiver.ALASKA PI, Martha UnAlaska yard sign,or JUNEAU JOE would probably be best to comment on Mudflats.

  10. AnnΔ Says:

    For my morning activity I went to visit a small elementary school. A class was studying Native Americans & explorers ;another group was studying the states. I was able to share what I have learned on the blog and the children were fascinated. I printed Ann’s articles for them and suggested that they communicate with drawings etc. with the children of Nunam Iqua. They understand the need, too.Seems as if something nice will happen! very nice!

  11. AnnΔ Says:

    Stan Brock has asked me to contact Alaska’s Healthy Native Foundation to facilitate the project. He found it through links I sent to him. It is fabulous that he can supervise me to get this to happen!So Cool!

  12. Alaska Pi ∆ Says:

    Boy- is great Mr Brock has ideas about how to go about this!
    Am at a loss except for trying to find links.
    Thanks Ann∆!
    I’m finding out this state is bigger even than I thought.

  13. AnnΔ Says:

    Stan Brock has let me know that help is on the way! …………………………………….. Operation Arctic Care ,an annual training program under the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs,will be in the following villages that have limited access to healthcare:Alakanuk, Atmaunthlauk, Chevak, Hooper Bay, Kalskag, Kwethluk, Kwigillingok, Mountain Village, Newtok, Quinhagak, Toksook Bay.From March 6-18 nearly 200 members of the armed forces will provide health care under the supervision of YKHC. They will provide veterinary care, too; since dog bites are common……………

  14. Alaska Pi ∆ Says:


  15. Secret TalkerΔ Says:

    some sites that may be helpful;

  16. Secret TalkerΔ Says:

    a good article

  17. Secret TalkerΔ Says: loans for entrepeneurs in developing areas

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