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2 Responses to “Material & supplies”

  1. Robin Says: and are the suppliers I use. They’re owned by the same company. Their prices are good and they’ve always been dependable for me.

  2. ugavic Says:

    I ordered a catalog from FarmTek. Looked at a lot of stuff so will be following up on that.
    Am thinking we will need 6 mil plastic (due to winds), and 3/4″-1″ PVC. Will probably order the ‘tunnel clips’ from Terroritial Seeds of Oregon to help keep the platice on the pipe.
    I think we will do raised beds – up 8″-10″ under the tunnels.
    We have a tiller but no other real equipment for this year so I have to stay simple.
    Then if we can cover, anchor on ends and with clips am hoping that will work.
    Not sure how I will deal with the venting issues yet but will think on it. I just lift up the sides of mine at home but that might not work in a community garden setting. Will have to see who we have overseeing it while I deal with fishing for the heavy 4-6 weeks in July.

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