Eagle AK: This Year Was SURREAL


yukonhouse2 After evacuating, yukonbushgrandma returned to this

May 10, 2009

Tonight on the national news in the lower 48 the lead story has been the flash flooding in West Virgina. There’s this from the Charleston Daily Mail:

LOGAN, W.Va. (AP) – Heavy rains caused flash-flooding Saturday in southern West Virginia, closing many highways, forcing residents from their homes and prompting Gov. Joe Manchin to declare a state of emergency.

We get very little news coverage of non-political events and situations from Alaska and when we do, it’s hard to put it in a frame of reference. Here’s a map – we’ll add villages as news from them emerges.

Yukonbushgrandma illustrated it for all of as at Mudflats today. She and her husband live in Eagle Village, the area where the first reports of damage from the early melt out emerged.

We were the lead story one night on KTUU.  Those brave ladies (reporter & videographer) wanted to see, and record, what our house looked like after the onslaught.  I hadn’t seen it yet myself.  They walked down the steep bank of moss, roots and stumps, and eventually we got down to the house.  It was totally enveloped in massive ice chunks, preventing entry to the house anywhere.  The only way to enter was to break a window and enter by ladder, being very careful not to get cut by broken window shards.

We have entered that window many times since then, trying to retrieve anything that might be salvageable.  Every time we go there, I cry.  We can get things, but they are so messed up, covered with diesel and silt, that we wonder if it’s truly worth rescuing them.

This is far from the mouth of the Yukon where Emmonak and Nunam Iqua are located. There are many villages between them that the melting ice, high waters and diesel pollution must pass through before entering the Bering Sea.

Our thoughts are with you yukonbushgrandma! Please keep us posted about relief operations in Eagle and with other information you hear as this icy disaster makes its way to the ocean.


Click  here for an updated photo that shows flood warnings and advisories along the Yukon.

‘Tsunami’ Of Ice Wreaks Havoc On Alaskan Town

7 Responses to “Eagle AK: This Year Was SURREAL”

  1. Secret TalkerΔ Says:

    This is a very difficult experience to go through….please keep us informed because surely you know that we are here to help if we can….the loss of personal items seems devastating-they cannot be replaced; please know that strangers in the blogosphere wish you all the best as if we are old friends.

  2. the problem child Says:

    yukonbushgrandma said at mudflats:

    “Many of you have asked about donations. I think the community is pretty well set with food and clothing, at least for now. There is a fund set up with Wells Fargo – I believe it’s called “Rebuild Eagle.” That is what we’ll be needing now … a way to get building supplies and make something new to live in.”

    Keep in mind that this is just the latest and more information may be forthcoming.

  3. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    Thanks Problem Child – we will definitely be waiting to hear what else can be done. The pictures of the ice are just flat SCARY! I don’t even know what to say. Many folks who want to help don’t have easy access to Wells Fargo, nor are we sure whether it’s just the Alaska branches that know about the fund. I will call them tomorrow (WF) in Fairbanks and see what I can find out about donations, address, etc.

  4. Kath the Scrappy Says:

    Hey everyone, I stumbled onto the WONDERFUL Mennonite Disaster Services website tonight after an elderly relative was asking for updates on Eagle.

    MDS has a fantastic picture slideshow that everyone must see showing the building of the cabins, fish wheel, and facilities:


    I will post at Mudflats & ‘flats Forum as well to make sure everyone gets to see.

  5. alaskapi Says:

    how cool!
    Thanks for sharing the link!

    Don’t forget to share Eagle’s page too…

    Only 60 days now til the road to Eagle closes…

  6. Kath the Scrappy Says:

    Hi there, there’s already a link “Eagle Recovery Updates” for Eagle’s page. I was so excited to FINALLY get to see some pictures.

  7. alaskapi Says:

    just putting the Eagle Recovery link everywhere anyone lights Kath!
    Time is getting so short..

    Pics are so neat !
    I’m glad you found them. Makes it more real…
    Thank you!

    Wondering so often how YBG is doing and how their cabin is coming along…

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