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May 11, 2009

In my Inbox a few days ago from Rob Rosenfeld:

Hi Jane:

I hope all is well. I have been pretty busy the past few days raising funds. Things are going well. I will be in DC in two weeks and I have two meetings at the White House while I’m there for my work with the tribes.

I wanted to let you know that my website is up and running.

Is there a really good spot that we can post it on the Blogger’s site?  I would greatly appreciate if you could post it. It is


Please visit Rob’s website – it’s slick but not “Flashy,” meaning it’s not overproduced to the point that people on dial-up won’t be able to view it.

There are plenty of well thought out opinions from a person who has experienced Alaska’s government while swimming upstream in it.

He’s ready to tackle the issues coming down from the headwaters and work toward restoring a healthy environment and economy to the state, embrace the many peoples and cultures that are Alaska and engage in open discussions with constituents on Facebook, here, and anywhere else he can discuss his vision for the future of Alaska.

Thanks Rob for keeping us company on the ground in rural Alaska!!

~ Jane

2 Responses to “Rob Rosenfeld: Visit My New Website!”

  1. Rob Rosenfeld Says:

    Thank you for posting my website and for your kind words. I called my friends in Ft. Yukon on the Yukon River this morning and was relieved to hear that there was not any significant damage from the flood. One friend could not go out of his front door as he lives on the river bank. The water went up to his steps. It is fortunate that he has a back door. I keep a close ear to what is happening every day as word spreads quick on the river. I’m up at the headwaters this week and am heading to visit the Kaska Tribal Council, in Watson Lake, Yukon Territory tomorrow.

  2. anonymousbloggers Says:


    Thanks for the update!

    As so often happens, the media covered the Eagle flood for a few days then moved on. Many of us who have come to know more about bush Alaska and the problems they encountered getting government help last winter expected the worse.

    Reading flood advisories left us with the impression that a huge wall of oily water and ice was barreling down the Yukon tearing houses off their foundations and destroying everything in its path.

    Ann’s post yesterday and Alaska Pi’s comment have put it in perspective, for me at least.

    When you visit villages and encounter people who are connected to the Internet, please tell them about our blog and ask them to visit. Maybe if people understand that they can speak up anonymously and we will listen and do what we can to help, we can bring some of the common problems all villages face into the open.

    Look how far we’ve come since Ann’s “It’s not just Emmonak” post.

    Keep us posted,

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