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Governor Parnell to Feds: Send the Money!

August 11, 2009

Aug 11, 2009

Last week Alaska’s new Acting Governor, Sean Parnell, wrote to Commerce Secretary Gary Locke asking him to declare a fishery disaster for the Yukon.

Yesterday, after Alaska legislators voted to override ex-Gov. Sarah Palin’s veto of accepting stimulus funds for weatherization, Gov. Parnell sent off a letter to the Federal Government accepting the money.

Alaska lawmakers override Palin veto from AP:

Gov. Sean Parnell announced Monday he had sent a letter to the federal government saying the state will accept the federal stimulus money that Palin vetoed. Parnell said he wants to use the money to reduce energy costs for public facilities and to support ongoing programs.

Many thanks Governor Parnell!!


Governor Parnell, Please Help Button Up Alaska

August 10, 2009

Aug 10, 2009


A special session begins today in Alaska to confirm acting Lieutenant Governor Craig Campbell to permanently fill that post.

Also on the agenda is discussion about overturning Sarah Palin’s veto of the stimulus money for weatherization and a chance for Governor Parnell to reverse the veto and accept the funds.

This is not just about saving resources by building energy efficient homes. This is about locking out the damp, cold air so people, like Ann, don’t have mold gardens growing behind their refrigerators.

Sarah Palin vetoed the funds because she perceived there would be strings attached. By now we’ve all learned to read between the lines when it comes to her perceptions.

You, Governor Parnell, have taken a bold step by petitioning Secretary Locke concerning the fishery disaster.

Here’s a chance to make a more immediate step toward improving the lives of all Alaskans.

There’s nothing wrong with zoning rules requiring energy efficiency standards adapted to Alaska’s unique climate. It makes sense to ensure homes and office buildings are tight in the first place.

It’s not a string that’s attached, it’s a good, strong cord that will last through more seasons than a flimsy piece of string.

Please accept the stimulus money and spend it wisely!