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Begich, Murkowski, Young: Next Step in Fishery Disaster – Recovery

January 18, 2010

Jan 18, 2010

In May 2009 the federal Alaska Delegation,  Senators Mark Begich, Lisa Murkowski and Representative Don Young, signed a joint letter asking Commerce Secretary Gary Locke to declare a fisheries disaster in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.  The three officials praised the recent announcement by Secretary Locke to issue a Disaster Declaration for the Yukon River Chinook salmon fishery for 2008 and 2009:

US Senator Mark Begich:

“I am very pleased Secretary Locke has answered our requests and those of Western Alaska fishermen to declare a disaster after complete fishery failures in 2008 and 2009.  This declaration recognizes the hardships imposed on Alaskans in this region by the closure of commercial and subsistence fishing for Chinook for the past two years.

My staff and I have worked closely with the Commerce Department for a number of months on this issue and I appreciate the Secretary’s recognition of the magnitude of the disaster.

Residents who live in this remote region of our state face some of the highest costs of living in the nation. With heating oil at $8 per gallon this past winter, residents reported having to choose between heating their homes and feeding their families. The fishery collapse has made these already dire circumstances substantially worse.

This announcement from Secretary Locke while visiting Alaska comes as great news. Our next step will be to move forward on funding to support the disaster declaration.”

US Senator Lisa Murkowski:

“I am pleased that the Department of Commerce has determined a commercial fishery failure for the Yukon River Chinook salmon run. The poor runs in 2008 and 2009 have had a devastating impact on the commercial and subsistence fisheries and the declaration authorizes the Department to work to restore the fishery. I look forward to working with local communities, the State of Alaska and Commerce Secretary Locke to find resources to assist in the recovery and restoration of the Chinook fishery.”

US Representative Don Young:

“I am very pleased Secretary Locke has answered the requests of the Governor, the Congressional delegation and those of the Yukon River fishermen to declare a disaster for the Yukon River King Salmon run,” said Rep. Young.  “This decision recognizes the suffering by Alaskans in this region caused by the low returns of King Salmon over the past two years.  I will continue to work with the delegation, along with the state, and the local community however I can, to assist in the recovery and restoration of the fishery.”

Thanks to all three for bringing national attention to the hardships the fishery failures have brought to the Y-K Delta. We’ll be looking forward to learning more about sources of funding to support the disaster declaration.

Kenai Classic: Fishing Not Closed to Politicians

July 2, 2009
salmon LM

Jul 2, 2009

Senator Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, caught this 63-pound king salmon during the 2006 Kenai River Classic, which raised about $800,000 for river conservation. (Office of Sen. Lisa Murkowski/Associated Press)

This comment from John is too important to be buried in the comment section!

Politicians and lobbyists from around the United States wine and dine and go fishing for Kings each year at the Kenai Classic. A couple hours from now (noon Thursday) everyone will be getting their pictures taken with their Kings that they caught on the Kenai River. Usually there are several US Senators, a bunch of State officials and lobbyists. Don Young was this year’s speaker. I guess the Governor isn’t there but I wouldn’t be surprised if Parnell is. From ADN’s article “Don Young to attend Kenai Classic Banquet”:

“The event has long attracted political power brokers from around the country who socialized and trolled for salmon during the annual fundraiser.”

I think it is so ironic that while people on the Yukon aren’t allowed to subsistence fish for Kings and seem to have a lot of difficulty even being heard by their state government, a couple hundred politicians from around the United States and Alaska are getting together, having a great time catching kings, raising funds for Kenai River preservation, and networking among themselves.

From the Kenai River Classic’s Website:

KRSA funds are dedicated to preserving critical spawning and rearing habitat, public education and research. To date, KRSA monies have been approved for a diverse number of projects including the construction of responsible bank fishing demonstration areas for the public; underwriting “Streamwatch,” an educational program in conjunction with the U.S. Forest Service, Alaska State Parks and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; and to further ecosystem management research.

Apparently people aren’t an important part of the ecosystem.

~ Jane


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