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Victoria is live blogging from the Alaska State Board of Fish meeting 2/6/10

February 6, 2010

Feb 6, 2010

Vic has been in Anchorage this week attending a variety of meetings and also peaking in on the Alaska State Board of Fish,  BOF.

She is going to do some live blogging throughout today while the Board goes through its last phase, called deliberations on the proposals that have been brought before them.

This particular meeting is for Western Alaska (all areas are on a once every three year cycle)  the area that includes the end of the Alaska Peninsula. Think of it as that long skinny part of Alaska that goes out to the Aleutian Islands.

It includes both the Pacific Side, the side Kodiak is on, and then as it wraps around to the Bristol Bay side.

It does not include the actual Aleutian Islands.

This is important for both the Yukon area and Bristol Bay. The salmon travel up and around this area on their way to both the Yukon and Bristol Bay.

There is a possible issue with creating some policies to help the Yukon Chum or Keta runs, that are becoming an increasingly important salmon species for the fishermen and villagers there due to issues with the Chinook.

It also addresses some issues for our Pilot Point and Ugashik villages. There is a river in the Bristol Bay area that is under concern also thus the Bristol Bay regions is concerned in how this area is managed.

As things progress during the meeting Vic is going to try and give some update comments to keep all in touch.