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UPDATE – This project must be funded with the full $14,000 or more by Wednesday, February 6 at 10:02pm EST or they will not get any of the funds. It is how these fund raising efforts work. In talking to one of the sisters the sight can take donations of ANY size so if you whatever you can help with is appreciated. (Yes, I am back on the Internet, UgaVic)

READ A REVIEW of their product line–where their bars of soap start at just $8!!

Ok, your help is needed and quickly, like in less than 2 weeks. For as little as $40 you can invest in and help a rural, Alaskan and woman owned business!!

Very few companies get started in the bush that can survive without a lot of dedication of the owners and locals who believe in them. Costs are higher than what most businesses face and the market is usually much smaller.

ARXOTICA is one example that has beat the odds so far and continues to grow, coming closer and closer to being a steady source of employment in the future.

Check out SOAP HOPE :


Soap Hope – Upscaling production helps us tackle Western Alaska’s economy


The abrupt tone here is because UgaVic has been off the “tubes” for 3 days now.

She is having problems getting/staying connected to the internet, another in the long list of  winter issues for rural Alaskans.

As this post is time dependent, I’m going to publish it before it is completed as UgaVic had  planned.

Please go look at the Rock the Post SOAP HOPE  and consider supporting our neighbors in their expansion venture.

Alaska Pi


6 Responses to “Updated–Rural Jobs & You CAN Help!!”

  1. fawnskinmudpuppy Says:

    Love the Sisters.
    Going over to the site now…thanks for the heads up!

  2. ugavic Says:

    Just ‘talked’ to Michelle last night and she said they can take donations at any size, just check out the site and if issues email them.

    Hopefully we can all help them make this goal.

  3. ugavic Says:

    The ADN did a nice write up—
    There is only $8000 more to raise by 8 AM (AK time)Wednesday. If you can help…any size is accepted.

  4. alaskapi Says:

    I was really sorry to see ARXOTICA missed their fundraising goal even though there was quite a hefty last minute response by folks.
    The way that all works at Rock the Post , they get nothing if the goal is not reached.
    I hope this is a merely a temporary setback to their business plan.

    And I hope the Sparck sisters know how many of us out here all over Alaska and elsewhere are pulling for them to succeed on all fronts. So much of what they are trying to do with their business is exciting and way overdue .

    Best wishes ARXOTICA !
    In case folks, don’t know- those who still want to help fund this business project can. Yay!

  5. ArXotica - Michelle Says:

    Fawnskinmudpuppy, ugavic and alaskapi – this is Michelle. Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement. It was a little public egg on the face to fail like that, but like pi says, it was a heck of a rally at the end. Just not enough. Vic’s call put salve on our wounds, perspective.

    Rock The Post is too unknown and didn’t have the reach of Kickstarter. We suffered for it, bombarding our known market with very little exposure beyond – I felt it fatigued our base. We are considering a Kickstarter campaign, but with a break – don’t want to over-saturate our supporters again.

    We did post our Rewards on our website so donors can still pledge and collect if they want.

    However, the situation remains, we have 216 kg’s of tundra botanicals we can put into 250,000 4.2 oz soap bars and enough extract to produce 100,000 units of 2 oz. tottles of crowberry lotion. This is for a mid-range price, so theoretically will meet more price points compared to an unknown luxury brand. We have a budget and materials, just need the capital (no small feat.)

    So we are going the traditional route to solicit investors or guaranteeing a loan (if we are lucky enough to retain majority ownership.)

    Thanks again everyone, your support means a lot to us, the little company that thinks it can. : )


  6. ArXotica - Michelle Says:

    I should add, I don’t mean to insult Rock The Post, they approached us to add a unique campaign to their portfolio. I like their aggressive research and talent pool. They are undertaking a bold new market in crowdfunding. I hope their reach expands, not to mention, their Investment Crowdfunding effort has incredible potential. – ms

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