Just Have to See!


Ugashik Lagoon

As parts of the US have had mild weather, then killer storms, and some parts of Alaska are getting buried by record snows the Alaska Peninsula has had just ‘heavy’ snows and a long cold snap.

As usually the case for our part of Alaska when we get these cold snaps we usually get lots of bright sunshine!

SunDogs in January

It makes for some great opportunities to enjoy the abundant wildlife .

A neighbor!

One resident, Robert Dreezsen, and his wife live in an area of the Alaska Peninsula many do not venture into during our coldest months. He has agreed to share some of his great pictures with all of you. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

A pair of eagles seen fairly often in the area.


9 Responses to “Just Have to See!”

  1. alaskapi Says:


  2. Elsie Says:


  3. Bear Woman Says:

    Thanks Vic, your photos and his are absolutely beautiful! If I didn’t know how cold it was, I would want to visit

  4. fromthediagonal Says:

    I thank you and the Dreezsens for sharing this beauty!
    Oh, and the fox… I am delighted!

  5. Man_from_Unk Says:

    Scenes like these make Alaska a beautiful place to live. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sally Says:

    Just wow! You are an amzing photographer.

  7. jim Says:

    Thanks for sharing. What a gorgeous fox!

  8. Bill of Wasilla Says:

    I love the neighbor – and the eagles above.

  9. littleblackdogsa Says:

    Beautiful, thank you for sharing. Just love AK!

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