From The Tundra To The Tongass…..


As some of us have started our holiday celebrations and others are still preparing, we here at AB want to wish everyone much happiness, warmth, joy and love during this celebration time.

Our hope is that all who are traveling arrive safely, that you are surrounded by those you care for, that any health issues are lessened, that all have enough food, that homes are warm and most that we all find some peace during this time.



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  1. alaskapi Says:


    Now we will count to twelve
    and we will all keep still.

  2. anonymousbloggers Says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

    Hoping all our neighbors in the bush have food and fuel to get them through until spring and that this blog will continue to bring awareness to rural Alaskan issues.

    Thanks Vic, Alaska Pi and Elsie for holding down the fort!!

    Hope my life will settle down in the new year and I can help.


  3. alaskapi Says:

  4. jim Says:

    I keep reading Anonymous Bloggers. You folks have done a lot of good. Rural Alaska’s need for advocacy has not gone away. I’m sure anonymousbloggers won’t go away either. Thank you and have a great New Year. Keep on trucking (or sledding).


  5. alaskapi Says:

    Thanks Jim!
    For stopping by here regularly and for the vote of confidence.
    We hope AB has helped spread light into some of the corners the issues of rural Alaska tend to get pushed into.
    We hope the projects we have in mind for this next year
    do more yet.

  6. Man_from_Unk Says:

    Happy Holidays friends! I am thankful for the states of Washington and Oregon for questioning the CDQ program. Hopefully these questions will lead toward an indepth investigation by the Federal Government for the mandated 20 year Review coming up in 2012. As of now, the plan is to let the CDQs review themselves. The State of Alaska will let us, the poor people of the Western Alaska Coastal Villages, down if they don’t insist on a quality review procedure that will not tolerate corporate bias.

    Best Wishes for 2012 to all of you.

  7. ugavic Says:

    We are working on a series of posts on the CDQ issue and review. To leave it to the actual CDQ will result in just more half baked information that is based on nothing but their half baked stats. I am not even sure the state is able, or even willing, to do a review that would mean anything.
    Hopefully the feds will…but it will take pressure from many of us in all parts of Alaska and a few other states for sure!!
    Happy New Year!

  8. the problem child Says:

    Happy holidays to all!

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