Clocks Back an Hour, Enjoy the Time!


Sunrise over Juneau

Ahhhh, that time of year, when we turn back the clock an hour. Here is Alaska it seems it is also the time of year when you consider giving into your natural rhythms of spending just a tad more time in bed or moving at a slower pace seems to kick in too.

Fall Color

Despite the general perception not all of Alaska goes totally dark for the winter, or for that matter has 24 hour daylight in the summer. That particular yearly event only happens to those areas near the Arctic Circle and it does not happen for the entire winter. Barrow, a city at the top of the state, has a two month period in the winter when it doesn’t have a sunrise but on the flip side they get about 85 days of continuous sun during part of the summer. Most of us deal, just like you, with less daylight and chilly temperatures for the next 5-6 months.

Night lights

 Typically this is the time of year when families get to spend time ice fishing, sewing on winter gear, and a host of other activities. Winter festivals and potlatches happen before spring arrives. Mostly we try to slow down enough to enjoy all the ‘good things’ most wonder if they get enough of in other parts of the country. The turning back the clock an hour just gives us another clue we are entering that time of year.


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  1. elsie09 Says:

    I try to visualize myself living in a dark, freezing, wintry area such as is pictured in”Night lights”. I’m sure you adapt to it, as Alaskans, and maybe even look forward to it, initially, during the first couple of months, but then the next two or three months must seem like they will NEVER end. It’s a whole ‘nother world for some of us Lower 48 folks!

    I like to “visit” snow, but I’m not sure about five months of deep piles of the stuff and blowing, blizzard conditions.

    You are hearty folk, you Alaskans!

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