Flying Wild Alaska-Second Season Premieres Nov 4


We got a quick tip from a reader today that they have confirmed that the second season of Flying Wild Alaska will start airing on Nov 4 on the Discovery Channel.

Those of you, like us,  who have enjoyed this window into areas of Alaska seldom showcased will get to see more via the Tweto family and their airline company Era Alaska. Getting a chance to view what many feel is a pretty darn realistic side of what we live with just about each time we travel in ‘bush’ Alaska seems to have been popular with a wide spectrum of the viewing public.

According to the posting on the Alaska Film Office website the show has also filed for a tax credit that the state offers to promote more filming in Alaska. According to the application the show created what was equal to two full time jobs for a period of 60 days.

The production reported $1,182,247 in Alaska spending. It’ll get more than one-third of that money back from the state in the form of tax credits totaling $398,917.

Principal photography on season one of the Bush pilot reality show lasted 60 days and the project created the equivalent of two full-time jobs, according to the application.

With the variety of aircraft they use and places they serve it appears the second season leaves plenty of room for more glimpses of life in Alaska.


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  1. Theresa Roberts Says:

    I am so pleased to read this because I enjoyed last season of Flying Wild Alaska so very much. I have great admiration for the Tweeto family and their employees as I learned about what they have to go through on a day-to-day basis. Being in a large city in the lower 48, I am amazed at how sturdy and independent Alaskans in the bush are. Even though I never watched it, I am sure your former half-term governor’s show had very little about the true nature of Alaska and her inhabitants. Especially in comparison with the Tweeto family and the people who live and thrive in the villages and bush. You are the true representatives of the frontier spirit and it is always fascinating to get even a small glimpse of it.

  2. anAlaskanAlsoII Says:

    Yay FWA, it totally makes up for Sarah Palin’s Alaska. : )

  3. elsie09 Says:

    I did a little searching and came up with this clip of Ariel Tweto’s first visit on the Craig Ferguson show this past March. The audio is slightly out of sync with the video, but it still works pretty well. It’s twelve-and-a-half minutes of enjoyable stuff.

  4. elsie09 Says:

    What’s better than twelve-and-a-half minutes of Ariel and Craig Ferguson? How ’bout THIRTEEN-and-a-half minutes of them together, on her SECOND visit in April? Check it out:

  5. elsie09 Says:

    Okay, this is the last one, for the time being….Ariel was back on Craig’s show, yet again, the end of August:

  6. elsie09 Says:

    Here’s something I noticed while researching FWA today and want to pass along.

    I was reminded that Erik Rose, one of the pilots featured in the “Explosives over Russia” episode, died after the filming of that episode.

    The Discovery Channel has a page, “Remembering Erik Rose”, at

    “Our beloved friend, father, husband and Era pilot Erik Rose passed away on January 11th 2011, after a short but courageous battle with cancer. He was 37 years old, and was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at the end of October 2010. He fought the disease bravely, and never gave up the battle.

    “His memory will be honored during Flying Wild Alaska on January 28 (2011). The Twetos and all of Erik’s friends and family are asking caring people to help with the medical costs that were incurred while Erik battled cancer, as well as help set up a trust for his two-year-old daughter Sophia.”


    You can find out more about Erik, and perhaps make a gift in his memory, by going to

  7. ugavic Says:

    @ Elsie –thanks for posting those links to the Ferguson show…I had not gotten time to turn in but sure had to laugh when I viewed these clips.
    I also remember reading that the pilot Erik had died leaving such a young family. Cancer seems to catch some of us no matter where we are and leaves such pain in its path!
    By the time this season airs we will have calmed down enough to actually sit still and watch it…can’t wait!!

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