Flying Wild Alaska, Second Season Filming!


If you did not get the chance to catch Discovery Channel’s show Flying Wild Alaska these last few months, check out reruns on your local listings. According to a quick note in the ADN, March 28th, there is a second season already starting to film.

Meanwhile, the first season of “Flying Wild Alaska” has wrapped on Discovery and a second season was already filming when we passed through Unalakleet this month to cover the Iditarod. I saw maybe five minutes of the production, as a Discovery crew filmed one of the show’s stars walking up behind Lance Mackey to say hello and give him some banana pancakes after he arrived in the village.

After we all suffered through that other Alaska ‘reality’ show on TLC with the half-term twit, that showed some great scenery but gave such a lopsided view of life in our fair state, FWA goes the other more realistic direction. What is also nice to see is women in Alaska who actually WORK, and do without a perfect manicure!!

 Alaska is a unique state in its mixture of size, politics, beauty and living conditions. Most often all that is really shown is the outside beauty, and most times just a small portion of what the state has to offer. Part of what was enjoyed, in this household, about the Flying Wild Alaska was that many aspects of the people that make up our villages. There are so many dimensions to what makes up any one of our villages, which many times are not brought forward, that is was great to see some of that highlighted. We even get a chance to peek into the lives much different than ours of others who live even farther out in the bush, than us in isolated villages. Even with all that the show gives us as glimpses into these lives, I am sure some will only pick up on the usual stereotypes.

There was much chuckling around here over the ‘rotting seal flipper’ episodes and especially Jim Tweto’s lack of desire in wanting to try it. He had a real concern of botulism poisoning, as his system had never become accustom to the flipper. There are plenty of tales of who has tried ‘old favorites’, who is fine with them and who thought they would ‘die from the experience’!!

Watching the numerous discussions about flying in fog, wind and the fast changing weather conditions was all too familiar to many of us, even in our part of Alaska.

To hear how everyone from the CEO of the airline, Jim, was lured by the ‘experience’ of coming to work and live in Alaska years ago, to the younger pilots still coming to be part of the same thing, was so very true.

Overall our household feels the show did well by those of us who live and work in bush Alaska and we look forward to seeing if a second season is just as enjoyable.


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  1. Cathy Magrogan Says:

    I never miss an episode of this wonderful show. The Tweto family is a true depiction of real Alaskans. Each week brings a new adventure and studies of your beautiful Alaska and the people who call it home. I’m delighted that enough people felt as I do and there will be a second season, I can’t wait!!!!

  2. marthauys Says:

    I love these guys! To go from the half term Twit’s painful depiction of a lame Alaskan who couldn’t find her way out of a forest with three trees, to the Twetos, crew, locals and daily adventures is just a pleasure. These stories remind me so much of my mother’s siblings’ adventures as many of them were pilots back in the day when a bush pilot and his/her plane was about all you had to get around. This is the real stuff, not the fluff.

  3. Mary in San Antonio Says:

    I am so pleased to hear that Flying Wild Alaska is filming their second season. I love this show and the Tweto family, especially daughter Ariel. Both my 86 year old mother and I watch every time it is on, even the repeats, since it portrays a realistic view of living and working in Alaska. We have seen some beautiful parts of your state through this and have enjoyed learning more about the Native Alaskans. We both laughed over the rotting seal flipper episode and the Halloween one with the one pilot dressed as a chicken. But what I enjoy the most is the Tweto family, a family that lives and works together, and whose love for one another shines through.

  4. icvillages Says:

    Yes, FWA is a redeemer for portraying Alaskan ‘reality.’

    It wasn’t that the Palin’s were extraordinary people, it’s that they were run of the mill folks in an extraordinary land. They capitalized and exploited Alaska’s backdrop to make themselves appear as majestic.

    Thankfully, this show has nothing to do with the Palin’s. And in the first couple of episodes, they already crammed salient facts of isolated village living without being preachy or a downer in a matter of the first few shows.

    I’m grateful the show is on and it’s filming its second season. They do us proud. They represent!

  5. James N. Ottaway Says:

    I am a small plane pilot with many of the same experiences captured on FWA. What a wonderful program for old guys like me. Telling it like it is has escaped many reality shows as if honest reality should be glossed over. Did I see a wrecked ERA Ailines plane spread over the ground in one episode? I’m not sure but the colors seem to be the same. If this is so then I applaud FWA because things like this occasionally happen, in spite of our best intentions. Yes, it happened to me in the past and to Jim Tweto as well.

  6. Elsie Says:

    I have little desire to watch much television these days, but “Flying Wild Alaska” is THE BEST, and I never miss it. I’ve recorded all the shows so far and sometimes go back and watch them again when I need another “fix” of REAL Alaskans and REAL Alaskan adventures/daily life (as opposed to carefully produced “puff pieces” on the Palin clan). I’m thrilled to learn that the Tweto family and their stories will return for another season. What great news!

  7. alaskapi Says:

    I get a bang out of this video too.
    While Barrow has jet service, it’s still small town Alaska!

  8. Dave Says:

    Flying Wild Alaska is a great show! I love to learn about stink flipper! One of Discovery’s best hits since Deadliest Catch! How about that dude that lives in ANWAR! No need for AC!

  9. Gary Says:

    Its the best realty show of all times looking faward to season 2

  10. Lori Says:

    I”m so glad to know that there will be a season 2!! Looking forward to it starting. At this time there is not even reruns!

  11. Molly Says:

    However anyone feels about Sarah Palin and her family, one thing is true – she loves her home state and her family. As I’m sure any of you nay sayers out there love your home state and family as well. In order to have commented – you must have watched it. You sure didn’t have to. Anyway – I love Flying Wild Alaska ! I also like Gold Rush too. And Alaska Wing Men. Great, interesting and exciting shows for all the family to sit down and watch. Something of a rarity these days on TV. Looking forward to new epidodes.

  12. Roger Says:

    I really enjoyed this show. It kind of reminded me of Texas before everyone moved here. Hats off to the Tweto family. Freedom and a very strong work ethic is alive here. I may even conquer my fear of flying by watching these episodes.

  13. Elsie Says:

    Molly, I’m a Texan who has enjoyed many wonderful hours visiting and working together with a lot of hard-working, responsible citizens of Alaska. The bloom is just REALLY off the rose with Palin up there among the people of that fine state. Let’s just not go there.

  14. Molly Says:

    Elsie, I’m a Texan too. I have friends who live in Alaska and had the awesome opportunity to visit for two weeks up there. I guess I try to see the good in all people. Desperately trying to EVEN see the good in our President. Mother always said – If you can’t say something good – don’t say anything. I just wonder – IF – our lives were put in the spot light and under the microscope – how would we be perceived??? I understand that nobody is going to like everybody…. That’s a given in life. I also know that words can cut much deeper and leave a more profound scar than any physical weapon. Just food for thought. Everyone is very much entitled to their own thoughts and opinions. Not trying to push mine on anyone.

  15. fawnskin mudpuppy Says:

    guess i have an easier time of seeing the good in all people since i ADORE my President, and also too there, all of my alaskan buddies.
    i even love me some texans…mostly because i am one.

    wish my Texas was the same one i grew up in, though. kind of a pity the turn it’s taken over the years.

  16. marthauys Says:

    Molly – Alaskans have had plenty of time to examine their feelings & opinions of the person in question. The person in question who is using the state & its residents for personal gain, while misrepresenting us & attacking many of us as individuals and communities, will be called out for what the person in question does and says. This is not a private citizen, nor a politician, but a celebrity who has opened the doors into scrutiny. If that is difficult for non Alaskans to understand, we who feel this way can only hope that you never have to experience this for yourselves. If you do, I promise not to say I Told You So.

  17. alaskapi Says:

    Was it Skagway we helped chase around and catch someone’s pet potbellied pig so a plane could land on the strip?

  18. marthauys Says:

    I remember that pig, yes, it was Skagway!

  19. alaskapi Says:

    Same trip our guest got really red in the face because the pilot guessed her weight to the ounce?
    She was not impressed but I was. HAVE to know how heavy the plane is, have to!

  20. fawnskin mudpuppy Says:

    you what? chased a pig on an airstrip?

  21. alaskapi Says:

    Yup, is a small strip and we were nearby.
    We saw a handful of people running around on the strip and heard a plane overhead.
    We realized folks were chasing what appeared to be (and was ) a pig so we helped corral the lil booger and get it off the strip so the plane could land.
    Laughed so hard afterwards.
    A dog would have made some kind of sense here, a pig was a new one on me!

  22. Molly Says:

    Well, I wish I cold say that I adore my president. But I don’t. But I won’t speak negatively either. I’ll just say nothing. And if most Alaskan’s feel that way about the “person” in question – then there must be some truth to it. As for all of us – all things will eventually come into the light. I too wish My Texas was like it was when I was growing up. I wish my Country was too. Anyway – enough of all of that……. wishing all the best. And looking soooooo foward to new episodes of Flying Wild Alaska. I taped the last several episodes and I’ve watched them so much, I can quote what they’re gonna say :) LOL —- hmmmm sounds like I need a life LOL.

  23. fawnskin mudpuppy Says:

    isn’t it amazing that this marvelous show is so attractive to a whole symphony of folks from different backgrounds.
    that’s what makes the world interesting, does it not?

  24. jim Says:

    The discussion of the pig reminds me of the movie Catch 22 where the guy with a martini staggering on the runway went from being a man to half a man in a heck of a hurry– I guess the pig had a happier ending.

  25. alaskapi Says:

    Yup- the pig had a considerably happier ending Jim !

  26. Man_from_Unk Says:

    Flying Wild Alaska helps us remember how isolated we are out here in Bush Alaska and how important Bush Pilots are to us. Good show.

  27. Chuck Says:

    One does not have to run down Palin’s excellent show on Alaska to make this wonderful show meaningful and pleasant. Whine all you want about Palin–many, many of us admire and support her and her family–a real family. I get sick of the snide comments.
    That said, the Tweto family also represents Alaska well, are down to earth, are far more “Real” than the so called reality of the juvenile, profane, and unwatchable “Deadliest Catch” crew–disrespectful to decent workers everywhere.

  28. alaskapi Says:

    Chuck- this is a blog run by a number of Alaskans and their friends.
    Do not come here from Idaho and tell us we are whining.
    You need an outlet for that you run on over to C4P and don’t be bringing YOUR issues to us.
    We’ve had all the fun we can stand with whatzername around here.
    You like her show -fine.

    We don’t like it – those of us who have TV.
    Flying Wild does capture something special about this place. Her’s fails to do so.
    We live here- her show shows some great scenery and that’s about it for those of us who had to put up with her as our governor.
    This blog STARTED because of whatzername’s laggardly, half baked, mostly cookies answer to a serious set of problems in this state.
    We chose not to be overtly political or critical of or about whatzername herself, by and large, as the problems preceded her tenure as governor and will continue long after her halfsies-term.
    However, she made a number of things much worse and we are not going to sit and listen to crap about how wonderful she is or people calling us whiners over her.
    Not here.
    Not ever.

  29. marthauys Says:

    Chuck – it’s interesting (but not really) that you announce to Alaskans that the shows you like happen to be the best representation of our state. How do you know what is real and not real about Alaska? You don’t. You actually have the Deadliest Catch and Sarah’s fake show reversed. That’s funny! What isn’t very funny is that you are deaf to the one and only master whiner, Palin herself.

    “…many, many of us admire and support her..” You used “many” twice, which defeats the purpose of the word and reflects a desperation in trying to convince people who have long known better. I say again “How would you know what is real and not real about Sarah Palin?” You don’t. Unfortunately, we do. We will always be speaking quite clearly about this, so get over it.

  30. LUCY BROOKS Says:


  31. Sandra Says:

    Best show ever……we watch each one more than once. Don’t take it off the air. Great, great, great…….informative, entertaining, and family oriented. Let’s get some FWA t-shirts, etc.

  32. Dan Says:

    I grew up hanging out with my best friend, whose dad ran the airport in a small mountain town in Colorado. While I never learned to fly, my life-long fascination with “wild” flying is satisfied by Flying Wild Alaska. From the Tweto’s, to the amazing scenery, to the great story telling, and spectacular cinematography it is one of television’s best and I am so happy it will be back for a second season.

  33. John McClain Says:

    I hate it that POLITICS could even get mentioned when talking about Flying Wild Alaska. The whole concept and delivery of the show is WAYY above politics or politicians. Flying Wild Alaska is my very favorite show of all time because it shows the life there and even some of the culture of the indians there which to me is incredible. The educational value of this show is over the top! The way of life is depicted in a human and wonderful manner that is incredibly interesting to me and indeed my “bucket list” includes an airplane ride with the greatest airplane pilot of all time, Jim Tweto! I want to meet a woman that can cook “stinky flippers”. You don’t get that in KANSAS!

  34. coffee808 Says:

    ALOHA, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the show. There’s so much about Alaska that I never knew. I guess everything that I believed about Alaska was wrong, but this is reality. I started watching your show, unfortunately it was not from the beginning of the season. So I will catch up and get ready for the 2nd New Season, can’t wait for that.

  35. Marc Howland Says:

    I see there is not much acknowledgement for Sarah Palin (as usual). Her series on Alaska inspired me to then watch FWA. BOTH Shows are Brill. Whilst FWA shows the ‘true’ Alaska, you cannot fault the Palin family for proudly showing off their Home State. In fact SPA was a better Tourist advert for Alaska than any Brochure. Incidentally, there is nothing wrong in having a successful business even if you are ‘Run of the Mill Folks’ ……

  36. alaskapi Says:

    LOL! You are, of course, entitled to think whatever you want about whether our gone gov is entitled to acknowledgement beyond her quitter status but for most Alaskans now that quitting thingy is what most clearly defines her relationship with us.
    It affects our attitude whether you like it or not.
    There’s a silly piece of video you can find if you look of Ms Palin and her husband in ANWR with a FOX reporter seriously asserting that the 1002 area is desolate and that radical environmentalists are all wrong about the possibilities for safe drilling for oil there.
    The rather silly offhand mention by Mr Palin of caribou -sometimes being -seen -in -the -area -but- not -today runs right on by one of the largest sets of issues surrounding drilling in ANWR.
    Calling someplace desolate does not make it so and ignoring the Porcupine calving ground issues including the international agreements with Canada surrounding that is irresponsible and foolish
    And that is but one of many issues re: ANWR drilling

    While I understand that much of the controversy surrounding opening ANWR for drilling escapes many Alaskans and most likely completely escapes folks such as yourself in Belfast, I think it important to note that ” real” or “true” Alaska, embodied in that controversy, escapes our gone gov as well.
    Just as it did when she ignored all the warning signs of impending troubles in the YK-D in 2008.
    Ignoring those warning signs, given the history and geography of that part of Alaska , caused undue and unnecessary hardship and danger for far too many Alaskans . Any acknowledgement here of SP as a possible “tourist advert” is tempered with a mistrust that she really cares about Alaska and it’s peoples at all.
    So … please take your SP thingy somewhere else.
    FWA is a slice of *real* we don’t see from her…

  37. Marcel Verwoerd from the Netherlands Says:

    I’m glad there comes a second season of FWA, i enjoyed it very much. I can’t wait !!!!

  38. Elsie Says:

    Alaskapi, as usual, you nailed that last bit of commentary. Your knowledge of all-things Alaskan is incredible.

    Unlike opinions expressed that are simply based on talking points perhaps heard on the t.v., you back your comments with solid research, actual facts, web site links, real history, and, most importantly, truth. Thank you for your contributions here. Your words are always worthwhile to read and consider, as you were born and raised with your Alaskan grandmother’s Aleut blood in you.

    About that Aleut reference — The native folks in Alaska are known as “Alaska Natives”, I believe, unlike the other native people down in the Lower 48 who are called “American Indians”.

    In Canada, I believe they are referred to as “First Nation” people.

    Regardless of all that, it’s good when Alaska Natives can speak for themselves and their fine state, definitively, regardless of others’ misconceptions about the State of Alaska.

  39. Elsie Says:

    One more thing:
    For anyone who might not recognize the “YK-D” reference alaskapi made, please know that represents the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta region of Western Alaska. It’s a vast area of mountains, rivers, forests and tundra with no paved highway system of any sort. It’s like the country that we see on “Flying Wild Alaska” where rural villages and towns are connected with the outside world by airplanes, barges and boats.

    If you don’t know why alaskapi mentioned the troubles of 2008, please move up the side of the home page to the section named “Audio/Video”, and click on those links to go back in time and educate yourself as to the problems faced by rural Alaskans just a few years ago.

    You will see the links where you can click that are titled:
    Ann & Vic/Alaska Public Radio
    Governor & Nicolas Tucker
    Nicolas Tucker & Ann

  40. Barbara Ann Says:

    Thrilled that FWA will return. Looking forward to groggy Saturday mornings because I stayed up past my bed time the night before!

  41. Marc Howland Says:

    Barbara Ann, Make life easy for yourself and watch FWA on http://WWW.SIDEREEL.COM the episodes are usually posted the Next Day on that site AND there are no interuptions with Commercials …

  42. alaskapi Says:

    Thanks Marc!
    Had never heard of it before.
    Another option for staying up with FWA!

  43. Don Says:

    Two of my favorite shows on Discovery are Ice Pilots and Flying Wild Alaska. I like the former because of the fact they fly the old workhorses of the sky from WW2 and after and they fly them in some of the coldest places in the world, northern Canada.
    I like FWA because it depicts pilots flying airplanes similar to what myself and my flying buddies operate. Jim Tweto seems an ordinary guy and not one of these fake company owner personalities who are always yelling and being unreasonable to their staff.
    Glad to see season two for FWA-really looking forward to it.

  44. Molly Says:

    anyone know when the second season will air?

  45. alaskapi Says:

    Molly- The new season start date has not been announced yet as best as any of us can find… :-(

  46. elsie09 Says:

    The only mention I have found of the start of the second season was at

    “Season two of Flying Wild Alaska airs on the Discovery Channel beginning in October.”

    There ya go. I cannot confirm this on the Discovery Channel itself. Just take it with a grain of salt until the network decides to confirm it.

  47. Douglas Brown Says:

    just looking through some ak trooper reports and came upon a name of john ponts in there for taking sub legal sheep in the brooks range is this the same john ponts 30yrs old of anchorage?

  48. Tommy Carkin Says:

    Flying Wild Alaska is probably the best, informational show about a place I have never been to, nor wanted to, just from “hear-say”. Now I want to go there so bad! I think that the Tweto family, and their extremely skilled pilots, have a great thing going for the surrounding communities, without them risking their lives, how would these people receive important meds, or school materials, work supplies, etc!

    Keep up the great service Era Alaska! You are all much needed!

  49. jamie Says:

    when does the show start again

  50. Marcia Says:

    Can’t wait for the second season!

  51. Bertie Opperman Says:

    Hi! I am a private pilot from South Africa. We don’t have the Alaskan flying conditions here, so all I can say is – hats off to those pilots!

    I enjoyed every single episode, (we saw the last episode only last week). Glad to hear a second season is being filmed.

    I always knew Alaska is an isolated world, but I never realised how beautifull it really is! Watching the Twetos and their pilots just made me add visiting Alaska to my bucket list.

  52. Elsie Says:

    Can’t seem to find confirmation actually on the Discovery web site, but I did find this:

    Their second season is said to start Friday, November 4 at 9PM:

    “The unconventional Tweto family – Jim, Ferno and their daughters Ayla and Ariel – are back for a second season to rule Alaska’s most dangerous skies with their family-run airline, Era Alaska.”

    So, it remains to be seen how accurate THAT is. But, the show is returning sometime, and I’m prepared to wait for it whenever.

  53. Piloy Says:

    It’s on their Discovery page now verifying Nov 4.

  54. Art in WY Says:

    I met Jim Tweto in the late 90’s after two failed attempts at a brown bear hunt. We got nearly two weeks in ‘Uni’ along with another two weeks of winter survival practice in camp. Jim flew us in and out and supplied the camps in early April each year. -10* nights and 3′ of new snow one year and 4′ the next. Jim was flying a modified Piper PA-21 on skis and was responsible for the aircraft we built later, similar to his. We saw Jim and Ferno at the Alaska Airmens Show this May and laughed about things then and now. Jims requirement of final editing and approval gives the show a technically correct view of flying in western Alaska, of the extremes you endure while up there, and most of all a rare view of life in the bush and villages. It’s an incredible show. Almost flight training! Good for you guys, Jim and family, and great for us!

  55. James Newell Says:

    As an ex-USAF pilot with 1,500 hours in everything from a Cessna 150 to a supersonic T-38 to a 250,000 lb. KC-135 Tanker, I love this show and greatly respect the brave men & women of ERA Aviation. Those are the toughest conditions in the world to fly and they do such a professional job. Maybe I could be one of the Tweeto’s “green” bush pilots in the future!!!

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