Flying Wild Alaska…Pretty Darn Good Slice!!


Feb 12,2011

Author’s Note:  We are having technical difficulties with embedding the trailer for Flying Wild Alaska’s Tundra Taxis episode.  You can find the trailer here for now.  Thank you.

As many farmers are not into camping as they ‘rough it’ enough day in and day out with the elements, many Alaskans don’t watch much reality TV. We deal with ‘reality’ enough each day in ways most have no clue, so why watch hyped crap like the TLC mess with SP?

Flying Wild Alaska is getting a decent viewing here in, at least, this part of  ‘bush’ Alaska!! There might be a few whines about the planes,their under-carriage shots, jumping around between types of plane by those who can tell one under-carriage of a plane from another by way of the camera BUT  most of us are enjoying the series. The slice of life it shows of the conditions we deal with and the basic things we enjoy are pretty darn close.

When you hear Jim Tweto, the COO of Era and dad of the family, state that they get category 1 hurricane winds ‘all the time’ he is not exaggerating at ALL. You learn to fly and work in things many have no idea of.

When you  realize there are young pilots all over this area doing things like flying dangerous things out to remote villages to help us have clean water and supply winter food, it is real. When you read that one of these young pilots lost a battle to short but brave battle to cancer, at 37 y/o leaving a two-year old daughter and wife, you realize we too have people who are ‘real’ and just like your struggles.

When they show that getting teachers and kids to school events and work despite the less than grand traveling conditions, that it real. No spoof, no hype, no ‘staging’ of an event, just life out here.

When you hear 60 cents a pound to ship a wedding cake, that is real. Oh how I wish we had that reasonable of a rate in this part of Alaska:-)  Just ask for rates to get your 400-500 pound ATV, remember it is like a car for most of us, from Anchorage to your village. It is not unusual to hear over $1000!!

Also when you see how people share their moose with others, we deal with the all too common issue of youth suicide, and do work to give others a chance at a neat career at things like flying, it is real.

Getting to see how one couple lives that even most of us in ‘bush’ living Alaskans seldom get to see, just plain fun interesting!!

Just MAYBE people will start to remember these things when they hear we have to have billions of federal dollars to help with roads, monies for essential flight service, airstrip building and other  basics. MAYBE they will start to realize that the costs of things have ‘real’ reasons. There are real people here who work and live and contribute.

The show gives a small slice of “REAL ALASKA” and we have to have faith that if this continues to be a popular series we will see less of the hype and messed up series shown on that TLC show recently.

The show is doing rebroadcasts so if you want to see more of an actual slice of Alaska check it out.   Episode guide can be found here.


2 Responses to “Flying Wild Alaska…Pretty Darn Good Slice!!”

  1. Ron Evans Says:

    I all most gpt my private license to fly so I can apprecate how they fly, I love the show because of flying when I use to fly< i have 70 hours in but private I have would love to getting to old. Good luck i really enjoy the show, Maybe you can teach Sahra Palin to fly?

  2. Les Elliott Says:

    Having lived in Alaska for many years, and a avid airplane enthusiast, I love this series. As in all so called “Reality Shows”, some of the situations are staged, but they do a better job of keeping it real than most. Take Ice Road truckers for example. As someone who helped build the Haul Road, and drove trucks on every day, I hated the fake situations and hype they did on that show!

    The latest show had Ariel Tweeto practicing stall recovery. I hope that was a staged event, as it was not very realistic. She was in no way ready for that advanced training, as they portrayed her as having trouble with the basic skill of knowing where the different instruments and controls were located. She obviously needs some intensive ground school for sure. Hope this was just a staged situation, and doesn’t portray her actual flight training. But, as I said before, this show does a lot towards letting people know just how it is in the great state of Alaska. Kudos to the producers in keeping it as real as possible given the constraints of TV production and pressure to sensationalize the episodes. Keep up the good work!


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