Our Alaska!


Dec 7, 2010

We again come to a time of year many of us are reminded why we choose to live in some of the most ‘remote’ parts of Alaska.

As we move into the winter months, you might think we are less active than our busy summer days, I want to share that we are far from sedentary!

Many parts of Western Alaska are covered in marshes, lakes and creeks which now have frozen over so it is safer to travel. The larger rivers are gathering ice now and should totally freeze over soon so we can REALLY start to travel.

Many have already set their trap lines. Yes, as hard as it is for some people to justify, in reality it is not only an income here but it is also provides varmint control, a food source and of course is seeped in long tradition. I know of no serious trapper who chooses a method that lets an animal suffer needlessly… period. Many times they are much more ‘animal aware’ than people who leave an animal in a house all day bored out of its mind with no stimulation.

Skin sewing, some beading and crocheting are all in full swing now!!  A few of us are taking on the fun task to see if we can crochet a warm scarf for all the kids and elders who might need one. Any Christmas project planned needs to be well on their way towards being completion. If you are planning special meals or things that need to be here you better have made arrangements, or it will not get here in time.

The chance to attend local potlucks and school programs is presenting itself more as we move into the winter.

Here in our area, winter moose hunting season will start soon. Also ptarmigan, a small bird something like a quail,  are out and about so the opportunity for a fresh meal of game bird is a possible.

As the rivers get safer to travel on, winter fishing will start. Many who want to travel between villages for events can do so more safely during this time.

Of course all of this is on top of the normal winter jobs we do, fuel being hauled and of course prepping and planning for summer projects.

But enough of what all we are doing and just enjoy. Here, so you can see, is  a little of what we get to see almost every day!


10 Responses to “Our Alaska!”

  1. Jean Schiffler Says:

    These are magnificent pictures. Stationed in Alaska for 4 1/2 years over 30 years ago and still miss the beauty of the state. Take good care of it so others can enjoy it for years to come.

  2. Icvillages Says:

    Far from sedentary! Amen Victoria!

    Enjoy the holiday season. Be well, be safe.

  3. Jane Says:

    Beautiful post Vic!! Enjoy!!

  4. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    I thought my part of the state is pretty (it is!) but yours is just as amazing with different scenery, weather and light.

  5. jim Says:

    Even Anchorage is pretty. And I can see Alaska from my house!

  6. Man_from_Unk Says:

    All of Alaska is beautiful and you’ve captured some beauts uga. Thank you for sharing these beautiful scenes. Nature is wonderful and thank you for helping to preserve as much as we can – like the King Salmon who is endangers by those factory trawlers and shore based fishers in the Bering Sea.

  7. Bill of Wasilla Says:


  8. alaskapi Says:

    I have been laughing at myself all week after realizing, while watching the sunrise here, that I think each one is more beautiful than any other I have seen…
    We are all surrounded by ineffable beauty.
    Bill of Wasilla captures some it it so well with his camera as do you Vic…

    Finding purpose and meaning in our small everyday lives is easier when buoyed up by a good clear look around ourselves at just where we have been lucky enough to land…

  9. secret talker Says:

    Beautiful Pictures, Vic.

  10. poddys Says:

    Amazing pictures. I would love to see the beaches and dunes in the snow. They just look so different – and it’s so peaceful there.

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