On This Day…..


Of remembrance

 Let us:

Not listen to the rhetoric that seems to fill the airwaves.

Try and learn a little something about another religion.

Reach out to someone who  is different than us.

Practice tolerance sometime during the coming week.

Not worry about ‘Taking Back’ but instead Move Forward!!


from Martin Williams, inmate poet at Folsom Prison , California :
Just in case the worry heavy world
Should cast a final backward glance
To whimper at what might have been
Before the horror of trumpets
Blown by indifferent angels
Burns and hails and turns to blood
The bone and breath of form
And I am not this
And you are not that
And for a moment, briefly
We all weep the same tears
And forget the too-many names of God
And all the bitter, biting ways
We clip the wings of each other’s prayers
Just in case
I don’t see you tomorrow
My friend, my friend,
I’ll see you again
Where we shall be healed.
I’ll see you again.

~ Alaska Pi


3 Responses to “On This Day…..”

  1. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    Thank you Victoria and Alaska Pi. Your words are my words – spoken first with voices who see flowers in everything and everyone.

  2. Elsie Says:

    There’s such kindness here. I appreciate it more than you know.

    To all of you who try to illuminate good efforts, loving concern, and a gentle kindness to others, thank you. Our response to the world should not be about “taking back”; like you say, it SHOULD be our contributions to moving us forward.

  3. Man_from_Unk Says:

    People with no spirit tend to lean too heavy to either side and they have trouble finding a ‘middle’ in their lives.

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