A Break In The Clouds!


Aug 15, 2010

All of us here at AB have had a summer full of adventures and work. Some time with family, much time spent away from the computer and, as you probably noticed, the blog.

In Alaska, the month of August is considered the season of Fall. Since I never feel like we get Spring until at least mid-May, it tends to make the activity level even more harried when we realize we could well get snow and freezing temperatures in a month or so.

We are working on a number of things for you that have happened during this time away from the blog, and you should start to see the fruit of all that work soon.

It has been the season of fishing and growing and, in some instances, seems to include some shenanigans, too.

Stay tuned, but, for now, enjoy a break in the clouds as we did today in Bristol Bay, and may you, too, have a rainbow in your day.


4 Responses to “A Break In The Clouds!”

  1. tallimat Says:

    WOOT !
    Finally some color!
    Nice rainbow.

  2. the problem child Says:

    Looking forward to it, whenever it comes!

  3. jim Says:

    We finally bailed from Anchorage and spent a week in NY hitting museums and a couple broadway shows. As we left the NY hotel yesterday I told the folks this may be the warmest weather (it was around 75 degrees) that we’ll see at least until next June or July. This has been a gawdawful summer in Anchorage– cool and wet. We just broke the record for consecutive days (28 days) of rainfall. Hard to believe this may be the warmest recorded year for the planet as a whole. Sure wasn’t for Alaska. What’s next?

  4. Man_from_Unk Says:

    Yup, I too stayed away from the ‘blog’ this summer. Too busy doing summer subsistence activities and preparing for the winter ahead. Fall colors are coming on up here in the Norton Sound – reds, yellows, lime green – beautiful.

    The Norton Sound Fish Report in “The Nome Nugget” has featured a record of some kind a week all summer. You have to be literate and understand propaganda to understand the BS. Knowing the history is another good way to read between those ‘record’ lines. If the people knew they were being ‘chumped’ the manipulating writer would probably be sent packing. Other public servants have been wise to be honest because ignorant people don’t like being treated as stupid!

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