Great Horned Owls Roosting in Ugashik


Apr 21, 2010

Surprise!!! The Couple Were Found!

After I wrote the last post I planned to go searching for last year’s Tundra Swan nest before they showed up and the bears were out. I also planned to head down to the old village cannery to see if there was any evidence of the Great Horned Owls nesting or at least roosting.

Well as beautiful as it was yesterday it was overcast, windy and cool today. Today was spent running some errands; mail, supplies for demolition work crew and more items to the mail hut for shipping out.

More than normal spring cleaning of quarters but that nasty job is about done so I was planning for a quick salmon dinner from the freezer tonight.

After checking on our generator, the dogs and I headed to the warehouse to pull dinner from the freezer.

As we walked in on the ground I spotted……

Since this is a fuzzy, wispy kind of feather AND hubby had just cleaned the warehouse and floor before leaving this week for work I KNEW there was a good chance we had had visitors.

I looked up into the rafter and sure enough I spotted one owl, THEN I heard a soft hoot! Over on another rafter was another owl.

No camera, do I risk heading back to the house, an eighth of a mile? Yes, go quick!

As I was coming back to the warehouse I hear more soft hoots, a sound I just love and the dogs HATE!

Thank heavens the Chessy was off doing something else or she would have been barking to get rid of those pesky owls!

Went in and looked up again…the happy couple were now together. Got off ONE fuzzy photo and then battery goes dead!! Damn, damn and damn again!

Scramble back to the house!

Come back for a few more pictures.

You can see they have different coloring, one with more white on the breast and underside of the tail. It is unusual to have them in the warehouse this time of year BUT we normally do not have it open this early AND there are not usually people in the old village. cannery.

Then enough was enough when it came to my talking to them, the dogs watching and the picture taking. The last shot, if you look on the far left side in the space between the door opening you will see the faint outline of one flying out. Wing span is 6+ ft.

Life goes on in Ugashik.

~ Victoria


4 Responses to “Great Horned Owls Roosting in Ugashik”

  1. InJuneau Says:

    Oh, Vic, that is SO cool!

  2. ManxMamma Says:

    They are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing these wonderful shots.

  3. thatcrowwoman Says:

    Lucky you, Vic! Beautiful birds. (I love those soft hoots there, also, too.) We have 2 nesting pairs of hawks here in our forest, and I hear owls, but haven’t seen one lately.

    Once upon a time, DH Happy caught a small owl that found its way into the house, and was frantically trying to find a way back out. Happy has always been a “critter whisperer,” and calmed it and caught it and comforted it…. So I’m minding my own business, soaking in a warm bath, and Happy pops in…”Look what I found!” Oy, vey! (rolling eyes)

    I love all things bird, go figure. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Man_from_Unk Says:

    Owls are really cool. They keep the rodent population under control. Thanks for posting the pictures Vic.

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