Spring is coming to Ugashik…


Apr 20, 2010

During the last week or so the weather is managing to stay above freezing during the day, although nights still dip into the 20s.

It seems spring is finally on its way.

Last week, while at the funeral of an elder I saw some “Queen Anne’s Lace” plant/weed poking through the brown tundra. Got me realizing spring is coming faster than it seemed.

Once home I went looking to see if we had anything showing yet. Not yet, funny how a few miles makes a difference.

Part of what I am trying to learn while here in Alaska is to recognize local/native ‘greens’. I have forest foraged in the past for things like fiddle heads and chanterelle mushrooms. I got a good book recommendation from Erin when her and hubby Hig were traveling through here in 2008. ‘Am learning but it is a slow deal.

Tundra Swans – photo: R. Dreeszen

We have been seeing Tundra swans coming in groups of two and three. A few geese too, mostly small groups. Today while we were at the airstrip we heard cranes, which took us a bit to find where they were. Sure enough a group of three of them were flying around. The pale brown with black wing tips are easy to spot.

Our village dock, remember that one that has had LOTS of grant monies invested in it, is due to be demolished starting this week. They TRIED to work on it last year, details later, but it managed to collapse on them so down it will come. (No one was hurt which was the most important thing)

Great Horned Owl

We have a pair, maybe more, of Great Horned owls that hang out there part of the time. I am hoping that I will get a tad bit of time in the next few days to hunt around to see if I can find out where they might be nesting this spring. Each year we end up with the parents and at least one of the youngsters in our warehouse off and on all the summer. There are no trees in our area so they have only 2-3 places they can be nesting. I found them in a local barge two years ago and got to see little furry heads poking out of the nest a few times. So special.

I am off to explore..see if I can find the old nest of the Tundra swans from last year that were out on the lake behind us. To see if I can find the owl nest for this spring and see what other goodies are sprouting this spring….will report back in a bit!

~ Victoria


3 Responses to “Spring is coming to Ugashik…”

  1. Bill of Wasilla Says:

    Beautiful. Love those swans.

  2. UgaVic Says:

    Bill I do too. We have so much wildlife right at our door step it is hard to imagine at times.

    The small herds of caribou, use to be up into the tens of thousands, of course an elusive moose and bear. Then the wolves that you see at times, plenty of fox, bunnies off and on…the list goes on.

    Oh yes, an occassional lynx. It was funny when the lab found one den and backed out quicker than I have EVER seen her move, and she likes ‘kitties’ :-)

    I would love to see more studies of what all is out here, as I KNOW we don’t have a clue. Been told by F&G a number of times it is just guessing on many things that we really should have a better handle on.

    Could be an economic boost for some areas!!

  3. Man_from_Unk Says:

    Springtime rejuvenates us Hard Core Bush Rats! All that wildlife showing up, moving around, calling to each other, and most of all, YUM, fresh meat for the pot. Springtime ROCKS out here in Bush Alaska.

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