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Apr 15, 2010

Last year we concentrated on life in two areas, the  lower Yukon and Bristol Bay. Going forward we are expanding our scope and hope to hear from people from all parts of bush Alaska. It’s hard for people on the outside to understand how different life in the bush is. We all got a glimpse of it last winter and it was eye-opening.

If you live in bush Alaska and would like to become an anonymous blogger or you are passionate about rural issues and have knowledge to share, please consider becoming a contributor to this blog.

If you are a blogger and post something that would be of interest to our readers, let’s cross post. Photographs are always welcome and sometimes tell stories that words can’t.

We support positive discussion and allow respectful opposing views. We don’t tolerate narrow, closed-minded opinions and moderate the comments closely.

If you would like to join us in our effort to bring rural issues that affect your life or your community or you feel you have something to say that could make life better for those living in a remote corner of our planet, please let us know.

This blog was started with the purpose of bringing attention to the progress and the plight that  rural Alaskans face.

If you can help us moving forward, you are welcome here.


We apologize to our subscribers for the number of emails you received today. There was no other way to restore some damaged pages and we felt their inclusion was important in maintaining the continuity of the blog for new readers.

We have replaced missing photos where we could but many were unrecoverable so we have tried to remove links to all of them. If you run across broken links we missed, please drop us a line. Also, some pages were highly pictorial and lost their value without photos. They have been deleted.

2 Responses to “Become an Anonymous Blogger!!”

  1. elsie09 Says:

    It’s been exciting to watch increasingly successful efforts over the past year to get information into, and out of, the bush communities. It’s good to see more active journalistic roles taken by the Alaska Dispatch and the Rural Blog, written by Kyle Hopkins on the Anchorage Daily News. The Dispatch recently rolled out its sister blog, the Tundra Telegraph, adding a whole new dimension to the sharing of stories, news, and media all across the state.

    Beyond the professional organizations, it’s also been cool to watch the development of a plethora of personal blogs that are informative on a variety of Alaska issues.

    We celebrate this growing exchange of voices and ideas to improve the lives of Bush Alaskans. We will continue to watch as this important circle of communication develops and extends more fully around the state.

  2. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    Well said, Elsie! It is exciting to watch the voices grow, and the conversations get started. I’ve learned so much in the last year, and I’m an Alaskan of 30 years who thought I kind of knew my state. There are many tough challenges, such as the Nunam Iqua meltdown, but there are wonderful, uplifting stories in there, too – just as it should be, and just as it’s always been.

    Another very good reason for bringing these to light, both the good and the bad, is that for a very very long time, there has been an attitude (rampant in some cases!) that no one is paying attention to rural Alaska because it is sparsely populated and remote. The residents in many areas often feel as though they have no say about resource extraction, fishing & subsistence management, and other political schemes being born behind closed doors. Or if they have their say, who is listening, and how can they affect the outcome?

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