A store In Nunam Iqua?


Photo by Beth Skabar, Alaska Newspapers Inc.

Mar 4, 2010

Shopping for a store in Nunam Iqua


A Yukon River village is close to having its first grocery store in more than a year, a move that will help local residents who snowmachine over risky terrain or fly to nearby communities just to shop.

The two men behind Laav’kaq LLC, which means “store” in Yup’ik, said they brought the local tribe into the venture in hopes that profits can benefit everyone in the village of Nunam Iqua.

“I’m 37 years old and there’s no sense in making all that money,” said investor James Adams. “I think it’s more of a community opportunity here.”

The store will provide local jobs and the tribe can invest its share of earnings in new ventures or dividends to tribal members, said Adams, the tribe’s council president.

Adams came up with the store idea with George Owletuck, Adam’s step-brother and a village consultant originally from Marshall, an upriver community.

The company plans to buy groceries from Carr-Gottstein Foods at low rates, which they’ll pass on to customers, Owletuck said.

The last hurdle is inking a lease agreement for a building in the village. Options include the old store or the high school, Adams said.

Hopefully, that won’t take longer than 60 to 90 days, Oweltuck said.

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8 Responses to “A store In Nunam Iqua?”

  1. MAnxMamma Says:

    Such good news. And with a smart investor who realizes money isn’t everything!

  2. NYCgirl Says:

    This is great news for your community.

  3. Dirge Says:

    If they made Nunam Iqua Trading Post t-shirts, I’d buy one!

  4. lee Says:

    Nice to read about people who are really concerned about their community.

  5. emilypeacock Says:

    This is wonderful news! Just wonderful.

  6. Man_from_Unk Says:

    Super duper. Good luck to the village, George and James.

  7. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    May the force be with them!

  8. nekolibrarian Says:

    I would also buy a tshirt if the store plans to sell some to raise more funds to purchase more foodstuffs for the people in Nunam Iqua.

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