Hollywood Came Calling


Jan 27, 2010

AB received an email forwarded by a fellow blogger. The inquiry was from a Hollywood researcher who was looking for people who lived ‘off the grid’ as they called it.  They included a link to the show.

The premise of the show was to observe  what we do on a day to day basis over the course of about 5 days.  Additionally, the host would be “inserted into our daily lives” to offer some comic relief.  The host is a well known comic and former host of family oriented shows, but we decided not to share the actual name.

After some discussion Vic bit the bullet just to see what all they had to say.

In a reply email she offered a few tidbits about things we did on an every day basis and a little about our surroundings.  She did not mention our last names, location or the blog.

The producer of the show responded immediately, requesting an appointment to chat, now if possible!   The producer was planning to do the filming in May,  while Vic explained that May was about the least eventful time of year since spring break-up is basically a mess and hard to get around in.  Break-up is kind of like a spring siesta.

They talked about finding families who participate in hunting,  steam baths, town gatherings, and homeschooling.  For us, who do live “off the grid”, these are staples of life in the bush.  I suppose that is the point!  They want to know more about us.

After a  short meeting following the phone call, these two Alaskans decided that it was just too weird to picture ourselves with a comedian being “inserted into our daily lives” while being filmed.  We will compose a courteous thanks-but-no-thanks and wish-you-the-best-of-luck email to the producer.   Soon.


5 Responses to “Hollywood Came Calling”

  1. Icvillages Says:

    Smart ladies, you wouldn’t have any control of the message, and you’ve exposed our amazing and quiet lives for what?

    Still annoyed at Mrs. Crow from Bethel rubbing her nose with a tv show host as if in an Eskimo Kiss. : )

  2. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    We would probably all be cringing at the inaccuracies and assumptions made for the production.

  3. fromthediagonal Says:

    … sorry… my emotions got away from proof reading: “we live” in different latitudes… nevertheless, the rest remains unchanged…

  4. fromthediagonal Says:

    There is nothing worse than permitting oneself to be bought off!
    Anonymous Bloggers, you are courageously representing a Way of Being!
    There are those of us who will encourage you to maintain the philosophy of Living In Harmony, even though we life in different latitudes…
    I know I cannot stop the multi nationals, their goals and ambitions,
    but I can be that one small voice which persists… Ing


    HIP!! HIP!! HOO!!! AAAHHH!!!!!!! I SALUTE YOU!!!!!!!……. A.B.!!! -PEACE,>^+,………….

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