Victoria Briggs: When We Have Days Like This


Jan 17, 2010

After a winter which started out cold with November in the negative temperatures, the last 6 weeks have been more like a winter from someplace “down below”!

We’ve had almost no snow and too many days in the 30s and 40s to maintain ice on the river.

Finally we have been moving into the 20s and lower.  Single digit and negative temps have shown up a few times to give us hopes that the river would again build up ice on the top layer soon.  This allows us to get out to hunt, trap and run to Pilot Point to visit :-)


Not frozen enough to travel on!


THIS MORNING  we woke up ……..

A river almost frozen over!

You can see little ‘holes’ of water, overflow, seeping through due to incoming tide.


Just the way we like it!

It looks like it will stay frozen at least for now,  since the tide has come in and nothing in our section broke up.

We hope the temperatures stay cold enough to build a minimum thickness of 4-6 inches so we can travel on it safely.


Could that new ice really be flat?

We were blessed that it froze smoothly in some sections, almost never heard of around here!  We do of course have to travel over all that chunky shore ice to get to the river, so travel on the river is never completely without hurdles.


Our local volcano smoking a mere 20 miles away.

What a beautiful morning!  We look forward to what the rest of the winter will bring.

All is good, at least today.


Beautiful morning!

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  1. justafarmer Says:

    I’m just delighted that my bathroom plumbing finally thawed out on Thursday after being frozen for 14 days….the hot bubble bath was HEAVEN!

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