Jan 15, 2010

From Governor Parnell’s news release:

State of Alaska > Governor > News > News Details Federal Fisheries Disaster for Yukon Chinook Printer Friendly FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE No. 10-010

Secretary Locke Declares Federal Fisheries Disaster for Yukon Chinook January 15, 2010, Anchorage, Alaska.

Governor Sean Parnell today welcomed a decision by Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke finding that a disaster has occurred with the 2009 Yukon River chinook salmon run, opening the door for federal aid to the area. “I appreciate Secretary Locke’s recognition of the severity of the situation along the Yukon River and the dependence of Alaskans on these salmon runs,” Governor Parnell said. The federal disaster declaration is in response to requests made by Governor Parnell, the Association of Village Council Presidents and the Alaska Federation of Natives. The request detailed the biological and economic situation on the Yukon River and the impacts of the reduced chinook runs. The declaration does not bring immediate aid to the affected area. The congressional delegation must still secure a federal appropriation. Federal aid, once secured, could be used for relief programs, stock research, training programs, fisheries infrastructure, or other regional projects.



  1. KarenJ Says:

    ONE YEAR after we all mobilized to help the villages…

    It’s a shame this wasn’t done sooner.

    I know who’d I’d blame.

  2. alaskapi Says:

    The state used entirely different criteria for judgment last winter in trying to decide if an ECONOMIC crisis existed. It is a sorry tale in that the laws of this state make it difficult to do so. The last and NOT lamented administration never made their final decision fully public. Beyond the NO part…

    This declaration comes from an August 2009 request by Governor Parnell and will be managed under very different circumstances. This federal declaration is ONLY about the Yukon fisheries disaster of last year and will only assist those affected on the Yukon.
    We have not begun to bring rural Alaska, in general, to the table. Much, much more work to do…
    And the NOT lamented gone one merely made things worse,which is bad enough, she didn’t start the problems…
    We have too much to do to worry about that twit.

  3. elsie09 Says:

    Well, hallelujah that someone somewhere in power FINALLY heard the cries of the Yukon people and responded with this declaration! It remains to be seen what kind of help comes to the people in such need, so we will continue to pay attention to how the potential federal aid will be distributed, in what manner, to which people, in what timely fashion…

    Wow, REAL help….probably not a plate of cookies in the bunch….Go, FEDS!!!

  4. alaskapi Says:

    The article here


    touches on something we have all wondered.
    The Secretary must approve the NPFMC ‘s plan for bycatch. There has been no formal announcement but am in agreement with Mr DeMarban here- is looking like Secretary is leaning towards letting the March 2009 plan stand.
    Hope I’m wrong…

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