Christmas in Ugashik


Jan 5, 2010

We did have a good Christmas.  Vic went all out with decorations in her house and even got one of the villagers to bring us a tree for inside my house.  Christmas Eve was spent at the community center with fellow villagers enjoying snacks and conversation.

Christmas Day was spent at Victoria and Rollie’s opening presents followed by an enjoyable German Christmas Dinner prepared by Vic.  CC had fun opening her presents while taking her sweet time to draw out the fun.  We all got lots of gifts not only from each other but from family and friends.

New Year’s… A fun night spent with Victoria.  We went to her house to ring in the new year with snacks and to play with the girls.  Vic’s Christmas Tree was full of sparkling lights, balls, icicles and garlands…a curious two year old’s dream!

Vic whipped up fresh cream to top the chocolate cheese cake I made.   CC had fun with the kid’s job of licking the beater.

You didn’t know we had elephants, did you?  These were the elephants on the video Jungle Book!  Whenever they’d start singing, Vic and I would jump up and dance with CC  to the elephants marching cadence,  filling the evening with giggles and squeals.