AB is PROUD to announce a new blog from one of our AB bloggers: Pi in the Sky!


Dec 28, 2009

We here at AB want to introduce you to a new blog on Alaska issues, Pi in The Sky.
One of our board members, who lives here in Alaska, shares Native blood that is much to be proud of, has a tremendous love for the state and its people and has other talents that will show up in the posts has started this blog to help bring some clarity to more complex issues we face here in Alaska.
These issues that must be addressed,  in helping to build Alaska and all of its people into a better place, will be tackled, no matter how messy they get. We seem to have a real talent here in Alaska to walk around ‘elephants’ in the room when we get to many issues.
To REALLY bring progress to the many parts of Alaska they need to be brought forward. We believe you will find this a well researched blog and one to help us LEARN AND hopefully join a more progressive discussion on these tough subjects.
This first post that has been taken on is one of the tribes and the ‘nation to nation’ issue.
Please join with us and welcome “Pi in The Sky”. Come learn with all of us on what some of our history is and how we might head forward!!

4 Responses to “AB is PROUD to announce a new blog from one of our AB bloggers: Pi in the Sky!”

  1. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    Welcome, sis Pi in the Sky!

  2. secret TalkerΔ Says:

    My friend is a special person,committed,clearheaded,deep thinking with true emotion.I praise Pi -UP to the sky & her blog Pi in the Sky is a significant contribution of facts creatively organized to help us progress in our understanding of the issues within Alaska.!

  3. UgaVic Says:

    We have so much to learn to better understand what has brought us to this place we are in Alaska.

    “Pi” has already contributed much to the discussion on a number of these issues.

    I, for one, look forward to the more indepth subjects featured here.
    Thanks for the effort!!!

  4. alaskapi Says:

    We’ve had some need for down time, to gather round our Ann for a bit , to take stock of this last year, to welcome our newest AB , GG, to be with our own families…
    And now it’s time to go to work again!
    Thank you all for your words of encouragement and goodwill.

    No one has ever called me creative in any way , secret TalkerΔ ! I’m wearing that as a badge- :-)

    And for our visitors from Alaska and Outside-
    From one of my favorite philospohers ( even though he was a man of his time and sexist…sigh):

    ” Nothing prevents heroism – which is the activity of the spirit- as much as considering it bound to certain contents of life. The possibility of heroism must subsist beneath the surface everywhere , and every man (and every woman!- Pi added ) should be able to hope that a spring may come forth when he strikes vigorously the earth he treads ”
    Jose Ortega y Gasset- Meditations on Quixote

    Time to walk on, neighbors !

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