Giving Thanks by “Paying it Forward!”


Nov 25, 2009

Entering into our coldest season and the holidays, we made a point to reflect on much that has happened in the last ten to twelve months. Our lives have been hectic, joyful and heart wrenching.

This can be a time of great joy for many people, yet also a time of tension and fear for people and families having a hard time.

We want to share with all of you, who have shared so much with all of us this past almost a year, some ideas of how to ‘Pay it Forward’ and maybe make life a tad easier for someone needing help.

An action does not have to be large, or even involve money but more importantly just let others know that someone cares about them.

Please take a few minutes to read some of our ideas and find a way that you  can ‘Pay it Forward” in your community.


Ways to “Pay it forward”

*Offer to make deliveries for any group doing food baskets or even Meals on Wheels. (I looped a few deliveries into my normal running chores and it took me only a few extra minutes to do it)

*Every time you go past one of those Salvation Army bell ringers pull the spare change out of your pocket or wallet and drop it. Can do it going in or out of a store. Little amounts add up and it sure helps put a smile on a chilled bell ringer!!

*As was suggested on one of our favorite blogs– when shopping at one of the large box stores for groceries donate the rest of a case of something you might only need a few cans/jars of.

*For those in the south — when in the garden pick those last fall flowers and foliage and donate it to a local children’s or adult center. Helps if you call first to see if they have any rules.

*For those who sew, knit or crochet- contact your local hospital and ask if they need things for new babies or little ‘cough pillows’ for patients. You can use scraps and it WILL BE appreciated.

*Participate in the rounding up of purchases at the various stores, we have seen it mostly in grocery, for larger donations being grouped together.

*Write a thank you to those you interact with on a regular basis, like your child’s school office staff, your church staff, the local bus company.  A simple thanks goes along way!

*If you want to do something longer term that is more time than money think of being a Big Sister/Big Brother.

*If animals are more your style look up the service animal organizations. They are usually in need of people who will do what they call ‘puppy walkers’. You get the puppy at about 8 weeks and raise it through its first 12-18 months teaching it all the basic obedience training. They provide lots of support. It is REALLY rewarding but is a little hard to let that animal go the first time. They even let kids do this WITH A PARENT committing too.

*Respite care for foster families– you go through a background check and some basic training but then act as back up care for foster families so they get a break. Can be simply baby sitting or even overnight care.

There are LOTS of programs so just take a few minutes to look around-(ask if they can use your time if you can’t do donations)

Nursing/assistant living home



Animal shelters

Food banks


Public TV



Make a Wish

Veteran Centers

More than anything we want to let you all know how much you have enriched our lives these past months with all your concern and help.

We would have never thought we could have the impact we have had, totally with your help, by just speaking up when we did. It has changed the lives of many you will never know.

Have a happy holiday and travel safely.  All of you are in our thoughts and prayers and we go into this season.


3 Responses to “Giving Thanks by “Paying it Forward!””

  1. Gloria Says:

    The one way that I have been (and will continue in) paying it forward is by utilizing my computer for couponing and freebies. I also get the Sunday newspapers to add to my coupons. I share my coupons and goods that I have been able to amass with an extended family. This new hobby of mine has made it easier for alot of my family during these tough economic times. I even occasioanally play “coupon fairy” and leave coupons that I won’t use in the store for someone else to benefit from. I’m hoping that I will again be able to help out someone up there have a little easier time this winter with the things that I have gotten.

  2. the problem child Says:

    Just let us know what is needed and where; I don’t have the luxury of flatrate boxes, but I can still help with specific needs,

  3. justafarmer Says:

    Ann & Vic…
    I have been volunteering at my local food bank for almost 4 years now.
    We are now out of money and will, in all likelihood, shut down after Christmas except for the USDA commodity distribution on third Fridays.
    Last week, we served 380 families (in a county that has a populaltion of 14,000). They will now go without.
    Our local businesses and churches have been wonderful in underwriting but it has reached the point where it’s not enough anymore.
    We indeed live in sad times but we will survive!

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