Making our lists and checking them twice!


Nov 24, 2009

We have been busy on the phone and computer,  making our lists and checking them twice.   We have been receiving emails and answering comments asking if we are going to need to have food drives again this winter.  We have been busy contacting the residents of our villages and local entities to assess how everyone is doing so far this winter.

Ann has been talking to people in Nunam Iqua and found out that there was some property loss and damage during the flood on Nov. 11.  Some families lost their boats, others lost their nets during the flood.  One family had some damage on their house due to the high winds.  Ann is going to be calling every family to check and see how they are doing and to find out if they need help with food this winter.

Since Ann is spending this winter in Ugashik she will not be able to have a food drive and will be unable to accept flat rate boxes like last year to distribute to the needy families.  Instead she is gathering information to start adopting needing families. She will comply a list of family names, addresses, family size and specific needs.  Once this list is complied individuals/families will be able to contact her and adopt a family to send food to directly.

Victoria has been in contact with Pilot Point and is finding out what the needs are there this winter.  Once she has that information they will decide  whether or not to do a food drive or to adopt out individual families.

Thank you for your time and desire to help those in need in rural Alaska.  We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Ann and Vic


5 Responses to “Making our lists and checking them twice!”

  1. fawnskin Says:

    waiting and anticipating, dear ladies

  2. InJuneau Says:

    Good to hear that you’re able to organize for everyone AND take care of “a toddler, a newborn, dogs, chickens, families, Thanksgiving and Christmas plans and getting ready for winter.”!

    Hope my packages arrive soon if they haven’t already.

  3. IntersetedPerson Says:

    Vic and Ann, you are each such an example of what one individual can do…
    thank you so much.

    Vic, are you looking for specific projects to recoomend…..if so, I just got
    a letter about a project to match givers with families on the Pine Ridge
    Native American reservation,,,,,or are you going to make generic

    Let me know if you would like me to forward the info for Pine Ridge…

  4. UgaVic Says:

    Interested Person- please forward the info– :-))

    We are trying to get a good handle on PIP and UGA needs and how to address them best.

    We might move to adopting individual families or setting up something else, just not sure yet.

    Again we are concerned with allowing people to retain dignity with this issue thus it sometimes takes a tad more than just asking outright.

    I hope to know something concrete pretty soon and will share it.

    We are also continue to work towards making families more sustainable on a long term so that is always in the back of our minds.

  5. Suchanut Says:

    You gals are awesome!

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