Obama Reaches Out to American Indian Tribes


Nov 5, 2009

Pres. Obama Reaches Out to American Indian TribesPres. Obama Reaches Out to American Indian Tribes


Pres. Obama delivered the opening remarks at a White House Tribal Nations Conference and participated in a discussion with leaders from the 564 federally recognized tribes. The conference is addressing issues facing American Indian tribes such as economic development, housing and education. This is the first such meeting since 1994. Washington, DC

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This is definitely a huge and wonderful step in the right direction!


6 Responses to “Obama Reaches Out to American Indian Tribes”

  1. Bill of Wasilla Says:


    And I will watch the news out of WDC. I had hoped to be there, but it didn’t work out.

  2. AnnetaB Says:

    Thanks for the information about President Obama’s support of Native peoples. it is high time for our government to to focus on their/our needs.

  3. boodog Says:

    This kind of recognition by the American government is way overdue. I hope with all my heart it is the beginning of change for the all our first people.

  4. Gramiam Says:

    Alaska should be proud of the dignity and clarity of the Alaska delegates in this video. I sincerely hope President Obama is able to fulfill his desire to visit Alaska next summer. It sounds as though the future looks brighter today!

  5. alaskapi Says:

    Local Native leaders very optimistic
    By Jeremy Hsieh | JUNEAU EMPIRE


    ” “This is very historic. For the first time in history, we have a president of the United States … who actually apologized to us … promised us – They promised us, in front of God and everyone else” to listen and address Native American issues. ”


  6. Jim Says:

    It is too bad Alaska’s governor, Sean Parnell, didn’t have time to go across town today and meet the President of the United States. The governor’s excuses for not doing this are silly. He could have spoken to the locals another time.

    He could have asked, in one sentence, “How’s that disaster declaration going?” Perhaps such an exchange might have been the difference between disaster declaration and no disaster declaration.

    Republicans need to get a clue– if they want a future for their party, they’ll need to serve their constituents. Today Parnell chose extremism and partisanship over solutions and working relationships.

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