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Oct 25, 2009

Obama seeks changes in Alaska hunting, fishing oversight

We’d like to credit two mudpups who helped bring this to our attention, Gramiam and GreatGranny2C, who found this breaking news.

Feds seek to reshape hunting and fishing rules

‘SYSTEM IS BROKEN’: Interior Secretary proposes to revamp oversight of subsistence in Alaska.


Published: October 23rd, 2009 11:03 AM

Last Modified: October 24th, 2009 04:19 PM

The Obama administration is launching a rapid, sweeping review of the way the federal government manages subsistence hunting and fishing in Alaska, Interior Department officials said Friday.

“The system, frankly, today is broken,” Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced in a video shown at the annual Alaska Federation of Natives convention in downtown Anchorage.

Subsistence rights — the battle over who gets the first opportunity to hunt and fish on state or federal land — is a headline issue at this year’s convention. For decades, the debate has pitted rural Alaskans and Alaska Natives, who say they hunt and fish to survive, against sports groups and urban hunters and fishermen, who argue everyone should have equal access to fish and game.

The state makes hunting and fishing rules across Alaska. But the feds regulate subsistence on federal lands, creating a confounding, overlapping system.

In contrast to the state Constitution, a 1980 federal law guarantees rural Alaskans priority when it comes to subsistence. Some Alaska Native leaders say the feds haven’t done enough to protect that right, and are proposing a resolution at the convention today that calls for broad changes to subsistence management.

AFN leaders met with Interior officials at least twice in the past four months, outlining some of those requests, said state Sen. Albert Kookesh, an AFN co-chairman who praised Friday’s announcement.



4 Responses to “Breaking News…A step in the right direction!”

  1. alaskapi Says:

    This is indeed good news.

    For those who visit who don’t have a handle on what a mess this whole issue of subsistence in Alaska is – please read as many comments as you can to Mr Hopkins’ article… right or wrong, good or bad, this is a BIG issue.

  2. Gramiam Says:

    At last! This is the first decent break I have seen for subsistence since I’ve been coming here. Creator willing, it won’t be screwed up by bureaucrats.

    “Boots on the ground” in Alaska during the past year seem to have been beneficial, in spite of Palin and company. It helps to have competent department heads reporting back to a President who isn’t in the hip pocket of interests who exploit resources not their own. I’m glad for you rural Alaska!

  3. Rose.Rau Says:

    I have been watching this for some time. I read in one of the announcements that one of the issues is when Natives move to urban areas, traditionally not subsistence areas, they want to maintain the right to do subsistence hunting.
    My concern is that unless there is GREAT manangement, and the feds do lack in this area too, that whole areas of game will be wiped out.
    My hope is that in the looking at this review there is also ideas of how to better manage the game we already have.
    It is a HUGE issue with no quick or easy answer.

  4. lettersfromeurope Says:

    The first step towards betterment: Acknowledging there is a problem! WOW! About time…. But what do we expext. There is a President that doesn´t shy away from work and problems and loads of decent people that are making a difference. You all matter…. I´m so glad for you (and myself of course).

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