In loving memory of Segundo Strongheart


In loving memory of Segundo Strongheart

11-27-1970 to 8-18-2009

Doctors assured the family that if Segundo had been in the world’s most well-equipped hospital, the heart attack would have taken him.  It was just too severe.

We all extend our deepest condolences to Ann, Cecelia and the new little one who will never know her father. Thank you for helping us get to know Segundo through the pages of this blog. We will miss him.



Segundo was preceded in death by two brothers, Paul and John Jay Strongheart, and two previous unborn children. He is survived by his wife, Ann Strongheart, daughter Cecelia, his yet-to-be-born child, father Joseph “Peter” Strongheart, mother Mary Strongheart, brothers Francis and John C. Strongheart and sisters Elizabeth Strongheart, Lucy Strongheart, Mary Shorty, and Savanna Strongheart.

Funeral arrangements are underway and plans are being made to transport Segundo to Nunam Iqua. Victoria will travel with Ann to Nunam Iqua where the funeral will be held.


All of us at Anonymous Bloggers can’t thank Linda Kellen (Celtic Diva) enough for acting on Ann and Vic’s behalf and making all the arrangements with the funeral home in Anchorage. She also made phone calls and ran dozens of errands gathering items that would be needed for the funeral and things Ann and Vic will need as they empty the house in Nunam Iqua.  She is also sending fresh vegetables and herbs from her garden – you can see pictures on her blog.

It sounds like Segundo will get a large and loving send off.  On Ann and Vic’s list of things that needed to be shipped to Nunam Iqua was a request for enough paper and plastic ware to serve food to 500 people.

Thanks to Linda, Segundo arrived home in Nunam Iqua yesterday.

Many from the outside suggested sending Yup’ik totems along on the journey. Ann explained that for Yup’ik people it is more important that his spirit have the strength to make the journey. She suggested instead we keep him nourished while he traveled. After a Yup’ik person passes on, those left behind put a small piece of food in a crack in the floor or someplace outside each time they eat for the spirit to find.  Segundo found nourishment at many of our homes.