Anonymous Bloggers reaches 50,000 visitors


Aug 17, 2009

Anonymous Bloggers  has now received over 50,000 hits  which we find simply wonderful.

Let’s do the math.  AB has been up since January of this year.   January through August, aprox. 240 days,  or 5760 hours, divided by 50,000  equals 9.  On average, 9 people visit this website every hour!

Search terms which brought visitors to AB:

medicine cart with basin

truck abuse

earthworm casting collection and compost

cant see


huge pregnant belly

red toy dump truck for sale

lap people

we can see you

honey buckets yupik

boat towing car texas

whats this?

cut and come again cauliflower

lol pictures

dirty sink creatures

+tails +sad

cat sick from salmon

oh my god keiths feet. i cant breathe. s

cow like this suggest fish

i’m 6’1 does that mean i’m not going to

We had fun with these as you might, too!


3 Responses to “Anonymous Bloggers reaches 50,000 visitors”

  1. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    Can’t type now…shaking with laughter… too funny! Dirty sink creatures & cut and come again cauliflower unite!

  2. InJuneau Says:

    WOW, those are some crazy search terms that landed people here! Maybe dirty sink creatures led people here due to baths for kids in sinks?

    When will you be headed back to Nunam Iqua? I have TONS of yarn to send!

  3. UgaVic Says:

    I know you get to share this with me fairly often as I run past you to another issue in this fishing operation BUT to take the time to read it caused LOTS of laughs here!!

    I have to also wonder when I’ve gone searching and end up with what I consider “weird” entries what they think of my search terms???

    So glad people are reading, but I also hope they are also learning and finding out we all have more in common than differences!!

    Has been a heck of an ‘adventure’ these past months!!

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