“Native America Calling” Interviews Nick & Ann *Update*


Aug 3, 2009

Tune in to Native America Calling on Native Voice One radio today at 9:00 AM Alaska time, 10 AM Pacific, 1PM Eastern. KNBA 90.3 in Anchorage or stream it here.


Listen online here.

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6 Responses to ““Native America Calling” Interviews Nick & Ann *Update*”

  1. Jim Says:

    I want to hear more of your voice advocating in the future. You did a great job. I was going to call in but I didn’t want to cut into your time.

    I was very moved by Nicholas Tucker, a Vietnam veteran who just wants to be treated equally as an Alaskan and an American. Instead, he and his people are literally getting Swift Boated on the Yukon.

  2. anonymousbloggers Says:

    Great job!! You sounded like do live radio programs every day. Send your letter to Neil Conan at NPR’s Talk of the Nation!


  3. elsie09 Says:

    Great job!. I’m sure Ann and Nick Tucker, Sr. made some new friends today. The listeners will better understand how important it is for lower Yukon people to catch enough salmon to feed their families all year and especially during the winter. And you addressed the extremely critical situation you find yourselves in right now, today, as next winter approaches, after being denied the ability this season to catch just enough food for your family’s needs.

    When scooping out tons of fish out of the sea, the pollock industry illegally catches, then kills off, thousands of salmon caught in the pollock nets, leaving fewer salmon to make the spawning trips upriver each summer. Do pollock trawlers even get their collective hands slapped for all that wasted “bycatch”?

    Although I’m happy the Canadians received their upper Yukon allotment this summer as agreed to in the US-Canadian Pacific Salmon Treaty, the contrast with YOUR needs being denied to YOU just really burns me up. It’s not right that your people are basically told to shut up, sit down, wait and watch the salmon go by, allowing others to fish, or even illegally kill, the salmon!

    By the way, how hampered is the sport fishing industry by any of these restrictive regulations?

  4. AKin OK Says:

    I enjoyed listening to the show. I just wish it was longer than an hour. I am so glad Jim , Myron & Harley all called in too!

  5. UgaVic Says:

    Ann and Nick– THANK YOU!!
    We need more Western Alaskans who care about the area AND the PEOPLE who live there, Native and not. This by-catch and Chinook/King salmon issue is larger than most of us realize.

    As I sat through the meeting this past spring in Anchorage concerning the by-catch I was appalled to hear that Chinook Salmon from my own Bristol Bay area, the largest King run in Alaska, was also being affected. Then to hear that even a small percentage of the endanger salmon from the West Coast was also being caught, made me just sick!!

    If we would manage the resource as we are supposed to, i.e., good stewardship of the fish, the other issues would not be there.

    We need to address the sustainability issue of the pollock industry, only 17 years old in the US, to the MSC councils when they meet in the near future. This industry is NOT SUSTAINABLE and we need to get that point across.

    Thanks again for keeping this issue in front of people across the US and Canada.

  6. Michigander Says:

    Ann and Nick, your words were very powerful and moving. The message came across clearly and the people who called in were very helpful in explaining 1rst hand the reality of what is going on.

    Thank you so much for doing whatever you can to get the truth to the rest of our country. I will continue to do my best to spread the word too, as your neighbor and fellow citizen.

    Respect and Blessings – Rainie

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