“Hey, let’s form a committee.”


Aug 3, 2009

Here is another discussion that is too important to be buried in the comments section. In the latest “Rebuilding Eagle” thread, Jim posted a link to the Anchorage Daily News.

In the October 23, 2008 AP article in the Anchorage Daily News “Palin Tells AFN She’s Forming Rural Subcabinet” the governor said, “As I envision it, the subcabinet will work closely with representatives of rural communities, tribes, corporations, nonprofits and other entities to discuss issues of concern and to design acceptable solutions.

Okay, that’s a start.  Then what?  What follows?

The subcabinet is authorized to create one or more advisory groups to study specific issues. Advisory groups created by the subcabinet may provide recommendations to the subcabinet for consideration. At times and locations to be determined, the subcabinet may also convene public meetings to present and receive comments.

What system is in place to DEAL with the problems the Rural Subcommittee uncovers and ACTIVATE the powers-that-be to manage the aftereffects of disasters in any consistent, productive way?  Where is mention of IMPLEMENTING solutions?

Each member of the Rural Alaska Subcommittee is responsible for his own travel expenses.  With few roads across Alaska, and the expense of air fare and connections between distant airports, how unreasonable is that?  Without specific financial backing from the state, how severely limited is this subcommittee in meeting together or visiting rural locations?  How limited are its members in responding directly with the affected rural people to critical issues?

Was Palin’s original intent to make the subcommittee just look good on paper?  Give the group a really nice-sounding name?  Maybe just humor “the little people” a bit to shut them up and confuse them that someone who holds power in their government actually gives a damn about them?

Someone, please tell me:

What is the REAL purpose of the Rural Alaska Subcommittee?

Where is real leadership up there?

What does it take for Alaska’s people to get the support of their elected leaders in times of crisis?

It is well-known, and has been known, in fact, for thousands of years, that rural Yukon people must catch critically-needed salmon each summer in order to survive their brutal Alaskan winters.  It isn’t recreational fishing, it’s not sport fishing, it’s not for fun; it is for survival.  That is why it is called “subsistence” fishing.

Where are the concerned leaders TODAY who are looking for answers, right now, to prevent a recurrence of last winter’s food and fuel crisis?

~ Elsie

ug 3, 2009

4 Responses to ““Hey, let’s form a committee.””

  1. Jim Says:

    Perhaps they’ve met, but I see no sign that the Alaska Rural Action Subcabinet (ARAS) has met to address the Yukon River flooding or this season’s salmon disaster. The State has done various things (like arresting people) but I don’t smell a whiff of the subcabinet.

    On the State site I can’t find any sign that the subcabinet has held public meetings or public teleconferences. Searching the State’s Public Notices page, I couldn’t find any public notices announcing ARAS meetings or meetings of their advisory group that had been scheduled and were open to the public.

    I also couldn’t find any information on how advisory group members were selected or who these people are. Although ARAS may have announced openings on that group and sought applications from the public, I couldn’t find any announcements inviting rural and other Alaskans to apply to serve on that group.

  2. Jim Says:

    By the way, I’m inclined to think this all stinks.

  3. anonymousbloggers Says:

    More proof that the state doesn’t give a hoot.

    Native America Calling, the show Ann was on today, invited John Moller to comment. Guess what? No reply.


  4. elsie09 Says:

    I think that the Rural Alaska Action Subcabinet, or Alaska Rural Action Subcommittee, or anything else with that hopeful-sounding name, was put together, on paper, to make it sound like someone in Alaska government really cares about the rural people.

    But, when it comes time to “put up or shut up”, the Rural Alaska Action Subcabinet, (or, whatever it is called) went fishing, partied hearty, took a nap, or just continued business as usual. Status quo—I bet you THAT’S what the Rural Action blah-blah-blah is REALLY good at. That’s what I think. But, I’d LOVE to be proven wrong.

    Is there anyone out there in the state government actually looking out for the needs of the rural Alaskans?

    Any plans today on how the rural people will pay for expensive fuel this winter so they don’t literally freeze to death? And ideas on how they will eat this winter and into next spring, since they were denied basic salmon fishing rights to king salmon, traditionally their best and greatest source of protein?


    Hello????? Is this thing on???

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