Victoria Briggs: More and More Grizzlies!



Grizzly cubs

Jul 20, 2009

This year, actually the last two years, we seem to have an increased population of brown bears, grizzlies to others, in and around the village. Given that the Alaska Peninsula is an area just behind Kodiak for trophy bears ‘taken’ this does not surprise any of us.

This is one reason given by the state for not doing some predator control to help save our dwindling moose and hardly surviving caribou herds. Residents are NOT happy, but little can be done right now about it.

Daylight sightings have increased tremendously this year, even over last year’s higher incidents.

Yesterday our processing crew let us know they had spotted a pair of cubs on the beach heading toward the plant.

Gundo came up to the house to get a gun just in case they got into too much trouble or their mom showed up.

We see tracks on the beach by the processing plant on a regular basis but to have them wandering around the house getting into things is a little unusual.

These two guys decided they did not want to continue to come toward the sounds and smells of people and headed off.

I am hoping these little guys did not loose their mother cause if they did it is a slow starvation or being killed by bigger bears as an end to them.

The crew is doing lots of whistling and peeking around corners when heading out of their quarters at night after having a pile of poo left at their door step.


Fun times in the bush!!

~ Victoria

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3 Responses to “Victoria Briggs: More and More Grizzlies!”

  1. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    You guys be careful with all those bears. I suppose there is no way to not smell like fish when you are processing fish!

    I let my sis talking me into hanging food once while camping and it didn’t work out. A pinata for bears is what we left in the tree. A bear ate everything but the coffee.

  2. elsie09 Says:

    Ye gods. Living in constant fear all the time of a bear right outside my door would frighten the poo out of ME! Especially on those dark, nightly runs to the bathhouse/potty room…

    Let me think: big Alaskan bear(s) vs. Texas Gulf Coast hurricanes? Hmmmm…. Hurricanes are easier to deal with down here, methinks. At least with them, you have some days of warning before their arrival, and then they go away after the summer heat ends.

    And about that crew member who is “immensely paranoid”? I don’t think so….he’s just greatly cautious!!! Which I would be, as well….if I ever lived in a place with various bears frequently wandering around.

    You Alaskans are made of hearty stuff!

  3. UgaVic Says:

    LOL – guess we do get pretty ‘hearty’ cause I seldom worry about the bears!!

    More so in the winter with wolves coming right up into the yard just about any time of the day or night!!

    I do turn on the electric fence at night that surrounds the chickens, after a bear had breakfast a few years ago. Mostly you just keep things picked up and it not usually an issue. Also after mid Oct they are not an issue until usually late May or June:-)

    Really, we do keep the plant set up on a platform so they would have to crawl up from the beach or go down stairs to enter any part of the plant. Also all gurry, the finely chopped up waste, goes into a pipe and into the river some distance from the plant.

    Common sense is part of it and the dogs help, especially our young Chesapeake Retriever. She has come to be known as the ‘bear dog’ in our camp as she will charge them and definitely send warning barks if she smells them. (I keep hoping she remembers they come in other sizes besides small as this year she has seen mostly cubs)

    I am thankful we have the fish to process, finally a way to get them to market in a more cost effective manner and overall that we can keep ourselves and others employed.

    I am willing to fight many bears for that privilege, knowing others aren’t that lucky!!!
    Take care all and don’t worry too much !!!!

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