Victoria Briggs: Taking the Time For a Post!!


Jul 11, 2009

So much of this time of year in Alaska, at least the western parts that fish, is rush, rush, rush!!

You do any projects that need decent weather, earn most of your yearly income in a few short weeks and, if you can, get the relatives up to visit when it isn’t below freezing.

In the past few weeks I felt you needed to see part of what we try to sandwich in all this work, work and more work.

Time to view all the flowers, well some call them weeds, that spring up and give us color. Even 2 year olds of all species enjoy them!

sunset owls neon flowers 001

Eating as much fresh seasonal food as you can possibly stand. I used to do this with fresh peaches, cherries and berries when I was a kid, now it is salmon, specifically Sockeye. Don’t you love that darn deep red color, no dye included!!!

sunset owls neon flowers 002

Taking a few minutes to watch the sun go down on what is overall turning out to be a dry and warm/hot summer.

sunset owls neon flowers 004

Realizing all around us there are others looking for dinner. One of the Great Horn Owls that reside in the village came to spend the afternoon in our warehouse. The Robins and Swallows were having a fit having this young one so close to their nests and young.

sunset owls neon flowers 005

So in all of our rush and worrying about how the winter will be for all of us I am trying to remember to enjoy all that surrounds me here in our remote Alaskan village.

~ Victoria


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  1. Secret TalkerΔ Says:


  2. Say NO to Palin in Politics Says:

    Nice to hear from you Victoria! Ya know, I had never thought about what all the hours of daylight would do to plants up there.

    I am amazed! It makes total sense, I just never thought about it before, lol.

    Yum, that Salmon looks so good. I love Salmon! I have yet to locate any store down here that carries the real Alaskan Salmon. I was disappointed to note that Sam’s has red dye in their fish.

    I am having weather problems which affect my internet connect. I’m having trouble submitting this. If it comes up more that once I apologize. Please delete the extras.

  3. alaskapi Says:

    Say No- WHEN your internet is reliable, check online- there are a lot of small processors in Alaska who ship out themselves. If they don’t do fresh, because of the cost, they do canned and smoked. I send gifts from here from a local fisherman and his wife- who also deliver to our doors… if we leave ice and a chest out (where the bears can’t find em).

    Canned sockeye is really yummy. I have a favorite recipe , borrowed and changed over the years from my mother, wth biscuit dough rolled round salmon and fresh spinach and baked which is making me hungry just to think about…

    Waving at pupper in flowers … Hey, beautiful chessy!

    Vic- so glad you could sneak in and take a few minutes on the computer to share pics!
    I think it’s hard for most folks to realize that the few short WEEKS of fishing each summer is the whole shebang-
    that you make it or break it , for the year, in such a short time.

    Best wishes for a decent season- best wishes all the way around!

  4. Secret TalkerΔ Says:

    Say No-Do you have a Whole Foods near to you…I believe they carry wild Ak Salmon.

  5. Say NO to Palin in Politics Says:

    AlaskaPI, yes you are correct, in the lower 48 people may not understand it’s a very limited period to get these fish, I’d think most inlanders do not understand ocean to river type fishing. Much down here is lake fishing.

    I did snag Salmon in CO high country rivers way back 20 ys ago, in my youth as new comer to CO I was told they come to spawn, then they die. I will have to research where those Salmon came from. If I remember correctly, we were fishing the Gunnison river. But, the meat was not deep dark pink, it was light pink and boy are they ugly after spawning, skin is all patchy colored, I guess a sign of decay?

    Anyway, lol,….. your recipe sounds delish, I also love spinach!

    akpi said: “Canned sockeye is really yummy. I have a favorite recipe , borrowed and changed over the years from my mother, wth biscuit dough rolled round salmon and fresh spinach and baked”

  6. Say NO to Palin in Politics Says:

    secret talker…..nope, nearest Trader joe is 6 hr round trip. But thank you for the tip I have friends and family that shop them in other states.

  7. alaskapi Says:

    I was looking at some AK D F&G reports and presentations this afternoon cuz Vic’s mention of foregone fish issues has stuck with me since a recent post.

    Next time you have a min to pop in Vic-
    It appears from all the snazzy charts and graphs I found that available processor capacity is pretty flat for the short season and more than adequate for a portion of the time.
    It also appears that capacity to accept fish is inadequate at the height of the run… this seems to track for a number of years… is that true?

    Doesn’t this become one of those “DUH!” moments if it is true?
    A short burst of extra available capacity ought to be planned for?

    Losing the ability to sell your fish at the height of the way-too-short-season or be on limit is a slap to folks when the fish are ACTUALLY available . It appears there are plenty of areas around Vic which do get runs of sockeye far exceeding any concern for spawning return numbers.

    What is with the larger processors?
    Failing to plan for the height of the season seems pretty negligent.
    Keep hearing stories that smaller outfits can’t keep their doors open because of costs and larger ones don’t seem to give a hoot.

    What’s up with CDQs buying into processing ?
    Are they actually stepping up to the plate and going to make capacity available – which benefits their stakeholders AND their business?

  8. alaskapi Says:

    Say No-

    Darn fish recipe has been on my brain all day since seeing the pic of fish…
    make biscuit dough- from scratch or box, flatten into 3/8 inch ellipse. Spread dough with canned, drained salmon mixed with an egg ( can do it without egg if you don’t have any , like so many folks in the bush don’t )
    Add 1/2 cup grated cheddar and 1 cup rinsed, patted dry chopped fresh spinach. Salt and pepper if you like.
    Roll up. Slice through the top of the dough about every 3/4 inch, about 2/3 way through the dough.
    bake at 375 12-15 mins. Remove and sprinkle top with more grated cheddar . Bake another 5-6 mins til cheese is melty and a little browned.
    Ma always made a ring of the roll and pinched the ends together- her food was always beautiful as well as delicious….

    You can also do this with albacore or halibut but spread a lil bit of butter on the dough first.

    Ok- that’s it! I’m sure I have a can or 2 of sockeye around here somewhere…!

  9. Say NO to Palin in Politics Says:

    Alaskapi…….wow, that sounds so good! I wanna make right now and it’s very late here, lol, but still really tempted, dang. If you can, could you take a pic and share?
    Thank you for sharing this, and thank your Ma for showing you how to make something good and beautiful to look at. I know I’d like her and I’m sure she’s proud of you for appreciating her.

    Good on ya. Hugs.

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