Eagle Village: Funds Coming for Homes, Need Gravel to Put Them On!!



After the ice flood in Eagle Village

Jul 4, 2009

It looks like FEMA dollars could be in the hands of Eagle residents and log homes put on order as early as next week! Eagle Village resident Andy Bassich has much good news to share in his latest report.

Money is starting to arrive and volunteers are on hand to begin rebuilding Eagle Village but there’s one big problem – the Department of Transportation is dragging its feet in making gravel available for the pads the homes will be built on.

Anybody with ideas or connections to the DOT, please let us know what we can do or who we should nag.


Here’s Andy’s report:

Andy Bassich
Eagle, Alaska

Bassich has been the coordinator of the Eagle Rebuilding Construction Team. Here’s the message he sent to reporters:

A good day here in Eagle today. FEMA leadership came to Eagle today and met with all of the 13 home owners that are in need of having a new home built and gave the go ahead on funding and settling personal claims. The monies to cover the rebuild effort should go out to people later this week and we should be able to begin to make orders for the log home kits by early next week.

Monies are to be sent to the private homeowners, and they will work with myself and Eagle Tribal Council Donna Westphal and Chief Joyce Roberts to place the orders.

Bassich’s dogs, the day of the flood

We have also received a commitment from the National organization MDS Mennonite Disaster Service, who has committed two skilled working crews to lead on the rebuilding of the cabins. They have an impeccable reputation of highly skilled workers, and top quality

Samaritans Purse has made a tremendous commitment of additional funds to help bring the standard of the homes up. and to run and maintain the Volunteer camp. They will also provide a core group to assist in co-ordination of funding and materials in Eagle. In addition they will be providing a crew of trained carpenters to Eagle to tackle the multitude of jobs which need to be accomplished by our deadline of
Sept. 15.

Still a lot to do here and this is the beginning but smiles came to the folks that lost everything today for the first time since May 3-4.

Now I need your help to light a fire under the Governor and DOT to get off their @#$%^&*() and get the gravel pit pushed and make gravel available to us to put down the pads for the homes. This has been a frustrating experience to deal with DOT they have provide ZERO help to us in terms of Roads maintenance and any type of fast tracking in our disaster. I have not witnessed such total incompetence and Waste in any agency ever. Everything hinges now on getting gravel to the home site and every day we wait is making it difficult to achieve our goal. we have Volunteers ready to move in to help us. but we must have the pads down before home kits can be delivered.

… We are on the verge of making something happen here which few if any have ever experienced with FEMA and we want to provide them with a big “Gold Star” for the efforts they and the state have made to assist us. …

Andy Bassich is an Eagle resident and has been the coordinator of the Eagle Rebuilding Construction Team.


12 Responses to “Eagle Village: Funds Coming for Homes, Need Gravel to Put Them On!!”

  1. grouchygranny Says:

    I had personal experience with The Mennonites back in Omaha in the mid-70’s when they came to help after the tornado that hit the city. They were quiet and very nice and worked like fiends to help everybody who needed them. They should fit right in up there. You are very lucky to have them.

  2. grouchygranny Says:

    I mentioned the gravel issue on Shannyn Moore’s show last night. I hope it does some good. At least DoT knows we are watching them.

  3. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    Thank you Jane, for bringing this to our attention. As usual, the governor tried to steal the focus of Alaska for herself, but we’ll just keep working on updates on Rural Alaska, and getting the real story on FISH! To heck with her, she’s on her way out and there’s lots to be done!

  4. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    Should we be writing letters to DOT?

  5. Kath the Scrappy Says:

    Thanks for the update! Ma Nature just is so unforgiving when she renders her deadlines. I’m glad to hear that experienced volunteers are stepping up to the plate and offering help.

  6. lgardener Says:

    Has anyone contacted Tiffany Zulkosky, Senator Mark Begich’s rural advisor who was formerly mayor of Bethel, Alaska?

  7. alaskapi Says:

    Personal experience with Big Ray’s and Warm Hearts Fund-

    These Big Ray’s folks are GREAT!
    Ordered one evening, had email it was received in 2 minutes.
    Had email next morning that order was processed.
    Received mailed receipt today- as quick after the holiday weekend that USPS could get it here.

    (Note- it showed a mailing cost when I entered the order but it was removed by end of transaction… Gift certificates are likely an unusual thing to setup in a system designed to ship goods in…:-D )

    Best wishes Eagle neighbors!
    You are close to mind , for me, as our short summer whizzes along here…

    Best wishes Big Ray’s!
    Thank you for making it easy !

  8. alaskapi Says:

    ( and I didn’t even have to stuff a one-rate box!)

  9. yukonbushgrma Says:

    Hi guys!

    Andy’s message is absolutely spot on! He has been a tremendous gem here in Eagle … without him, much of what’s becoming a reality would never have begun. (And he personally lost a lot himself.)

    The Mennonites and Samaritan’s Purse have hit the ground here in Eagle, and they went right to work. Good people, all of them. Bill from MDS was here at our cabin just this morning, asking what kind of volunteer help we want when his crews show up on Monday. We met with Samaritan’s Purse last night (spouse and I) to give them an idea what we’ll be needing.

    And the best news of all — the FEMA funds have shown up in our accounts! Hurrah! Now we can pay for those house logs …..

    This truly could be the “gold star” for FEMA, in sharp contrast to the Katrina debacle. I can’t say enough about their willingness to work with us and their appreciation of our unique situation. The State folks, also, have done a good job working with FEMA to make sure the solutions are appropriate for bush AK.

    Big thanks, AB, for spreading the word. And thanks again to Andy.

    in Eagle

  10. anonymousbloggers Says:


    Any good news about the gravel situation?

    If not, who should we contact on your behalf?

    Glad FEMA came through for you! Too bad it happened in such a remote location that most people won’t hear about it.

    Keep us updated.


  11. yukonbushgrma Says:

    Andy has been soooo busy lately, I haven’t had a chance to ask him the latest on the gravel situation. Haven’t heard many folks whining about it lately, so maybe it’s been resolved. I’ll check on it and will come back with the info if I hear anything.

    For some of us, that gravel is needed very soon, as building materials have already started to arrive.


  12. Ken Knight Says:

    Just want to let everyone know that Andy has been a great help.
    If it werent for him, alot of people in Eagle would still be waiting for answers. I hope the DOT situation is getting resolved on the gravel.
    with only about 45 days left to build that doesnt leave much time.
    We have a cabin in Eagle that was moved by the flood and ice.
    Andy was very helpfull in info on what to do with the cabin and how
    to prepare it for moving back to its foundation. He also arranged volunteer help when I needed it. Thank you very much Andy.

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