Palin resigns…What does this mean for bush Alaska?


Jul 3, 2009

After all the time we Alaska Natives have been dealing with both the Palin administration’s actions and inaction toward the plight of Alaska’s rural people, we now find ourselves asking a lot of questions.  When I look at where we’ve come from and what I want for my people in the future, I find myself contemplating right now:  What does this new leadership mean to bush Alaskans? Fisheries? Subsistence?

I think it’s safe to say that many Alaskans, especially Natives, have not been overly pleased with the Governor’s Office lately or, well, maybe since last fall….maybe even earlier.  We once again find ourselves in uncharted territory.  Will Mr. Parnell be different, better, or worse?


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  1. KarenJ Says:

    Well, when I heard Sean Parnell giving an interview to CNN (right after Meghan Stapleton) about an hour ago in which he said something about continuing Palin’s legacy, about her natural gas pipeline in the works getting NG down to those hungry markets…

    I was thinking, “nothing’s changed”.

  2. Jim Says:

    I hope for the best and I wouldn’t be surprised if John Moller’s job just got easier too. However we may not see real improvement until the next statewide election cycle.

    I doubt today’s events made things worse for rural Alaska.

    I bought a bottle of wine at the liquor store today, took it out to the car, then paused, returned to the liquor store, and traded the wine for a bottle of champagne.

    I think the last time I had champagne was new year’s eve.

  3. Secret TalkerΔ Says:

    I am hoping that we will see a change for the better in Alaska;I am hoping for a better future for Rural Alaska. Yet, I am well aware that the problems are huge;environmental issues are not ameliorated overnight;attitudinal change takes time and education…

    the pot called Alaska has been boiling furiously and getting hotter all the time.Who would want to take credit for such a mess,such a maelstrom of inneptness? I wish the next governor well. .

    all anonymous bloggers are watching!I hope he can lower the heat and not get steamed.

  4. Elsie Says:

    You’ve asked some good questions.

    The biggest one for me, of course, is whether Mr. Parnell will better address the needs of his large constituency of rural Alaskans than the out-going administration has. Right now, we know thousands of Alaskans are limited by state regulation from fishing freely for their winter needs. They will no more be able in the upcoming winter to pay $9/gallon for fuel than they were last winter. The Alaskan summer is short; it’s already nearly half-gone (!) — winter is just a few weeks away. Action is needed NOW if villagers are to avoid having to choose LATER whether to heat their homes, OR, feed their families, when the cold winter settles back in.

    Is Parnell just more of the same old, same old, or, does he actually care about, and will act for, rural Alaskans? Will the new governor work FOR his rural Alaskans, or ignore them, or even try to work against them?

    One certain difference in the upcoming winter: The eyes of the world are on Alaska THIS TIME. We won’t be caught unaware of the depth of the hunger and the needs for fuel THIS TIME.

  5. Elsie Says:

    Jim, you are too cool, Dude. Enjoy the bubbly.

  6. Michigander Says:

    My first reaction to Palin’s resignation was “Yippie” for the USA but instantly realized that Parnell is just Palin’s puppet so I’m concerned there is not gonna be change for any of Alaska yet (unless he gets smart and throws HER under a bus 1rst). Ooh! That would be great, then he could do all the right things and be a hero! I guess it depends on how enamoured Parnell is of Palin and/or how much dirt she has on him. Time will tell.

    I hope Dennis Zaki’s report from Emmonak is coming out soon and sheds more light on what is really happenning

    Keep fighting for your rights, get the truth out and always remember that you have friends to support you in so many ways.

  7. UgaVic Says:

    There is so much to do and now how will it effect us IF Mr Parnell is not a leader? How much worse can it get?

    It does start to scare me that it could be MUCH worse!

    Just my thoughts in all this and as I try to catch up.

    Most important—- all of you enjoy the holiday and remember we are so darn lucky we have all the choices we do in this country!!


  8. the problem child Says:

    I hope that Parnell will at least have some organizational skills. He needs to undo so much that has been done wrong, but I fear that his priorities will be the same as Palin’s were; he’ll just be a more skillful politician about ignoring rural AK.

  9. Kath the Scrappy Says:

    One of my favorite lines from the show Paint Your Wagon. Remember, the Morman 2nd Wife was allowing herself to be put for auction, since her husband had 2 wives and the gold miners had none.

    She said pph:

    I may not know what I’ll GET,
    but I sure know what I’ve HAD!

    I’m hopeful that, once Parnell gets out from under the Palin aura, perhaps he will be better able to work with legislature and work to better serve the constituents. If he’s serious about running for Gov in the next election, he may need the votes. Which MAY give him some nudges in the backside to produce something/anything more positive. I don’t know if that’s going to happen, but at least Palin’s exit may help.

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