Yukonbushgrma: We Are Pretty Consumed With SBA and FEMA Paperwork!


Jun 29, 2009

Word has reached us, via Mudflats, that yukonbushgrma and family are busy rebuilding their home while living in Eagle Village this summer.  heir home was destroyed in last spring’s ice flood along with the rest of the historic village on the Yukon.

The generous Mudflats community pitched in and got the ball rolling faster than a speeding government agency.

The Mudflats community has been making donations via paypal to the “Rebuild Eagle Fund” which has, so far collected $14,600. We also purchased a pressure washer and accessories to help residents in the restoration.  Hope, a Mudflatter from the Kenai Peninsula, rounded up two truckloads of donations and supplies and drove all the way to Eagle with two others to deliver them to residents involved in the clean up.

The village has a terrific WikiSpace page with building updates, volunteer possibilities, donation resources and lists of specific items that are needed as rebuilding moves forward.


Here’s an update from yukonbushgrma courtesy of AKM at the Mudflats…


This is what our view will be when the new cabin is finished.  All of those big spruce trees will be missed, but the higher elevation will be safer and provide a better view of the river.


Start of the new place!  It will be built up on treated railroad ties secured to the concrete, then surrounded by gravel inside and out.  The pipe sticking up is the well pipe, with 6 feet added on to allow for the higher elevation.  The pile of stuff in the background is saved belongings.


A miracle!!!!!  My Saskatoon Berry bush lived, after being covered for weeks with heavy ice and garbage!  It looks a little rough, but see the leaves on it?  There’s another one too … at first that one looked dead (right down to just a few little sticks), but near the base it has teeny tiny reddish buds.


The sorting process.  Saved quite a bit of lumber.  The wall tent in the background holds salvaged belongings.  Gradually we’re rounding up some of the firewood too.


Debris … some of it has already been removed.

Heh heh, we’ve been having fun watching the critters around the yard.  There have been quite a few gulls hanging around and picking at the leftovers.  The gulls chase the ravens off — gutsy buggers!  And the hares have been around in large numbers – they don’t even seem to be very afraid.  No bears seen poking around, as far as I know.

Right now we are pretty consumed with SBA and FEMA paperwork. The application process is pretty daunting, especially for someone who has other things to do besides count beans… In the past few weeks we’ve had quite a few folks here from FEMA and SBA. Everyone is in the initial stage of being interviewed to determine eligibility for federal disaster assistance.

Of course, each case is handled individually and very few of us have any idea where we stand yet or who will be getting direct financial help, so everything we’ve received from donations just means that much more. Bless you, and all the gang, for all you’ve done to help us here!

We will just have to hope that something comes through — but most Eagle residents doubt that could happen in time for us to get homes built before winter. Rebuild Eagle’s concept of building log cabins through an assembly line process seems to have gotten the attention of the FEMA and state people, but it still has to be approved through a housing task force that’s been set up to address housing for all flood victims across the state. Hope the task force supports it.

That’s about all I know for now … really must get back to work!


4 Responses to “Yukonbushgrma: We Are Pretty Consumed With SBA and FEMA Paperwork!”

  1. alaskapi Says:

    Thanks to YBG and MF for allowing us to another chance to speak up for Eagle!
    Glad to see all your progress Yukonbushgrma. And the cleanup progress all around you.
    Talked to neighbor yesterday who had relatives visit Eagle on a journey to somewhere a week ago. They were stunned by the work you are all doing.
    Never going to be the same but what you are all building out there is bigger than mere cabins…

  2. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    Wow, Eagle – your villagers are really quite amazing. I can only imagine those stacks of paperwork – sure hope folks have help if they need it in filling them out. Yukonbushgrma, thank you for letting us in on your progress, and the pictures of the trash pile are something else. It’s the pictures that really drive this enormity into one’s mind. I’m flabbergasted once again!

  3. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    Hurray for the survivor Saskatoon berry! It’s amazing, isn’t it, that the bush survived and will thrive and produce again? Just like Eagle!

  4. grouchygranny Says:

    This is Gramiam. Grouchygranny is my new blog name. I ran across this article in the opinion section of ADN and I want to share it. You who are First People should feel great pride in your culture. I know I do after reading this and other things.


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