Eagle Village: So Much To Do, So Little Time!



Jun 27, 2009

It’s been almost two months since Eagle Village was destroyed when a massive ice flood moved down the Yukon in early May. Folks have not only lost their homes but their livelihoods and continue to suffer from this tragic loss.

Since the disaster area declaration many federal and state agencies have visited, assessed and promised but those funds might not be available in time to make a difference this summer. Villagers, volunteers and donors are involved in a monumental effort to get people ready for another winter.

The village has a terrific WikiSpace page with building updates, volunteer possibilities, donation resources and lists of specific items that are needed as rebuilding moves forward.

Since transportation of goods to Eagle Village is limited, it’s important to match donations with needs. If you are able to help with a large donation of equipment or tools, please stick with items on the Wiki site lists unless you can squeeze them into a flat rate box.

We are hoping people will help out with Eagle Village’s Warm Hearts Fund to help replace the winter apparel that was washed away in the flood. Warm clothing is an essential part of life in the bush and this is a convenient way to help.

To date our Warm Hearts Fund is not doing very well. I’d encourage folks to do a little surfing on the web and check out what interior Alaska is like in the winter. Folks here don’t dress for fashion…but for survival. Good quality winter gear is hard to come by at a reasonable cost. Getting outfitted is expensive and those who lost everything can expect to pay about $800 to get one set of gear, that does not include long johns, multiple types of socks and the variety of foot gear needed. PLEASE seriously consider helping with this fund. You can contribute by calling BIG RAYS in Fairbanks, Alaska at 907.452.3458 and purchasing a winter clothing gift card.

Big Ray’s has an online catalog so we contacted them today about adding an option to their site to accept online donations. We should have more info about that early next week.

Volunteers, both individuals and groups, have been warmly welcomed and are making a big difference.

The residents of the Eagle area would like to encourage skilled and unskilled volunteers to spend some time in this beautiful and historic area of Alaska. Temperatures have been in the 70’s and 80’s…perfect for drying out the flooded buildings and swamped out land. Local residents feel strongly about meeting the needs of volunteers and making sure their experience here is a positive one.

Anyone looking for a rewarding summer can take advantage of this:

We have had many volunteers come in groups and as individuals. The Bureau of Land Management has made the beautiful Ft. Egbert campground fee zero. Hopefully our volunteers will take advantage of that! Thank you, BLM

Please take a look at the Eagle Village WikiSpace page. You’ll see what a natural disaster can do to a remote community and what a community of caring souls can accomplish, both physically and electronically to rebuild from devastation.

Thanks as always!


3 Responses to “Eagle Village: So Much To Do, So Little Time!”

  1. alaskapi Says:

    The current list of needed supplies for demolition/building was updated June 25th though the story update above it was about 10 days earlier.

    Sure hoping Big Ray’s can manage an online donation option.

    Flat rate boxes worked for me earlier on-
    Hand sledges, hammers, and so on fit quite nicely!

    Best wishes Eagle!

  2. UgaVic Says:

    Thanks for keeping us on Eagle’s progress and continued needs. Even as busy as we are we are concerned on how they are doing.
    Good to hear there is some more help and supplies arriving. Hope we can keep it up until they are whole again and ready for winter!!

  3. Martha Unalaska Yard Sign Says:

    Oh no – I don’t want to look! So much debris, so little time. Go Eagle, I’ll send what I can!

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