Minor Flooding – UPDATED


flooding 040

Minor flooding in Nunam Iqua

May 27, 2009

The river  started breaking up last night and we have very minor flooding.   Our boardwalk to the airport is still underwater but we’re pretty sure it will go down enough that we’ll make it out tomorrow.

UPDATE:  We have planes coming in so that means we will be off to Ugashik tomorrow morning, assuming our water doesn’t rise between now and then!


5 Responses to “Minor Flooding – UPDATED”

  1. UgaVic Says:

    We are scrambling here too:-)) Waiting for you!! Washing, getting things opened up and heated, linens washed- again, and all the other things it takes to open a summer ‘cottage’:-)))
    Will see you at the airport-let’s hope the weather and flooding goes easy on the entire west coast of AK!
    Vic, Hubby and critters!!

  2. Kath the Scrappy from Seattle Says:

    Have a FAST and safe trip. Sounds like it’s going to be a fun adventure this summer, plus supplying Vic with much needed fishing help! Glad the flooding is relenting so you can get traveling!

  3. TiredMom Says:

    Dear Ann, Vic and families,

    I wish you safe travels and a wonderful, fun, and prosperous summer! How amazing your story already is, can’t wait to follow along on the adventure through your posts.

    There’s a book somewhere in all the Mudpuppy relationships and interactions!!!

    Hugs, love and peace to you all!

  4. justafarmer Says:

    have a safe trip!

  5. Ben in SF Says:

    After reading your post on Mudflats, I looked up Ugashik on a map (http://mapper.acme.com lets you switch between Google photos and USGS maps) and zoomed out, and out, and out, until I got a tiny bit of perspective. What a huge, amazing country you’re summering in! I enjoy reading your accounts of your summer (as much as I enjoy reading about winter in Emanok).

    Then two weeks ago I got a chance to wave in your general direction! My wife and I flew JAL from San Francisco to Bali via Tokyo. Around midnight on the first flight I woke up noticed our location on the in-flight map was just south of the Aleutian Peninsula. although I had an aisle seat, and there was nothing to see but clouds below, I went to the door by the restroom so I could look north through the porthole and say “hello!”

    Best wishes, and thanks for all your work as an organizer and blogger.

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