6 days and counting… Break up is NEAR!


May 23, 2009

Yukon River ice break up:

Emmonak flooding, Alakanuk just starting to break up, Nunam Iqua break up to follow.

Emmonak: The river ice broke yesterday afternoon and they are now having moderate to major flooding.  A friend in Emmonak said that water was all the way up to her house, which is behind the school.  The Emmonak stores are closed.  It is unknown yet whether anyone has had to evacuate from the low lying areas.

Alakanuk: A resident in Alakanuk announced on the VHF radio that their river ice is just breaking up and has started moving.  There is no word yet about whether the village is experiencing flooding.

Nunam Iqua: River ice at Alakanuk  has started to move, so it’s likely that Nunam should break up tomorrow.  Ice is still intact but there is a lot of open water.   We do not yet know if this will cause flooding.